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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You'll probably have you best luck at a natural foods store like Whole foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes, etc.. You can also grab them online. I typically use Vitacost. The dosage will be on the label. Some vitamin/mineral supplements can cause deficiencies or increased levels in others, so you may want to seek some medical advice.
  2. Have you read the lab values yourself? Not slamming physicians but they are busy folk, and will generally look to see if everything falls into a normal range, but CRP for instance might be high normal, and may be higher yet since your last CRP reading. That was my issue. CRP wasn't high but was going up on each annual exam. I didn't have bad values either, but i did have a RBC of 4.7 with lower normal being 4.7. I'm a smoker so that value should tend to be high. I also had a high MCV. If you had a CBC, you should take a look at the values, and see where you might be high normal or low normal. Sometimes we just have to take some of the diagnostic parts into our own hands..
  3. Yes, he ordered the full panel, full thyroid, b12/folate, iron panel, methylmalonic Acid, urinalysis, yeesshh, i think he checked off all the boxes... I do a routine called strong lifts, i've always felt better doing it on an empty stomach. With cardio, i run down fast w/o eating.. Although, everything runs me down these days,, fatigue after eating had me so tired, getting off to the gym is challenging. I'm going to stay on gluten (acutally im loading it right now), until after the blood test. Then i'll let my doc decide if i should continue on with it until after a biopsy if that becomes necessary.. I experienced the thyroid issue with my wife.. She spent 10+ years on antidepressants due to a thyroid issue allopaths didn't want to accept or dig into. That's when i started researching it and finally took her to her current naturopath, she diagnosed her hypo on the first lab, prescribed he Armour, and she's turned around completely in about 18months.. Dropped a bunch of weight, off the meds, glucose/a1c back in line, etc...
  4. I'm with ya, it's been an absolute bear.. I haven't experienced any major rash issues. Get a little breakout right below the sternum every so often. Never though much about it though.. I guess that changes eh? The Drs appt went well. It was the initial homeopathic intake, so not much in the way of diagnosis yet. See him again on the 18th after the lab draw.. For what it's worth, I do have ups and downs for sure.. When it gets bad I supplement with Rhodiola rosea. It seems to help me quite a bit..
  5. Possibly another dot connected. Just discovered that my father was diagnosed Celiac by biopsy last year.. My Naturopath did request the Celiac panel. Will have that next week.. Onward and Forward..
  6. Yeah, I'm starting to think that way as well. I have a really hard time remembering how I felt even a few months ago.. I need little clues to help me. I do remember thinking sometime around may or so of last year how awesome i felt. I spent a few years of life not caring for my body too much. I did give up the sodas, started eating real strict, and hitting the gym heavy at the end of 09. Still gotta give up the smokes though . That feeling of wellness i felt last year was awesome, then the mystery shoulder injury in Oct of last year stopped the gym thing for a bit. I got back into free weights and some cardio a few months later, but just can't seem to get back to the same level. The fatigue and lethargy are just overpowering. I know at least in June I was feeling tired. A slow bedroom due to fatigue , was leading me to think my T was low, so I had purchased a tribulus supplement to help. I emailed the wife today to ask her how long I've been feeling tired.. That's when I remembered the supplement, and went and checked the order.. I know all the neuro issue have been going on for several months, because I can vaguely remember talking to the PT for my shoulder about them. Hmm, ok I'm rambling,,, sorry.. Long story short, is I can remember that at some point I was feeling pretty good.. But been a while, and since that stupid hotdog and fries 3 weeks ago, everything seems to have went haywire. I did have some MAJOR stress (calls to the boss I'm quitting type stress) on a couple of projects at work at the beginning of the year. I believe I've read that stress can trigger celiac/gluten.. Timing would be about right,, I think .
  7. Thanks PP.. The gluten free thing is the plan.. I'ma thinking this is going to be a battle with the wife.. This naturo I'm seeing tomorrow isn't her doc, so i'll have to feel him out. They did schedule me with him, because chronic pain, arthritis, et al, is his specialty. I'll certainly be pompom'ing from my side.. I'm really thinking my issues are related to gluten/celiac.. I guess you never know though.. I have all the pain, and fell bad, but don't really feel sick if that makes sense. I don't really think the neuro and cardio will find anything major, but my wifes coworkers and family have her all worked up about strokes and hear attacks, so I'll have to appease her I guess .
  8. Thanks everyone for the info, recommendations and wishes. Took a little turn on Sat and went to the ER. Everything in the past couple of weeks has intensified a bit after having a hotdog and fries at the end of a round of golf. I had immediate distention like none I've had before, and have pretty much been miserable since. That's a food group I don't have very often, even before I try a gluten free diet. Anyway, the numbness moved to the left side of my face, and the neck and back pain in the joints and muscle was just about too much. Everything in the ER; EKG, CT SCAN, Chest Xray, and blood work was ok. My glucose was 102, so a couple ticks high. That was odd since I hadn't eaten in over 12 hours. The ER doc wanted to keep my overnight to have a neurologist come in and do a couple of tests. I'm not a big fan of hospitals, and probably not the most compliant patient either . I did schedule an appointment and was seen by a neuro on Tuesday.. She didn't note anything remarkable, but did request a MRI of the brain with contrast.. That sounds like a lot of fun.. Gonna cost me 600 bones also,, . She also referred me to a cardiologist for an echo.. Typical cover my booty types of things . So, we'll see what all that holds.. I did make an appointment with my wife's Naturo office. I'll see them tomorrow. Hopefully get somewhere with that. STOP here if you don't like TMI! This morning I made another booboo (note to self; STOP IT!!!). I typically will do some eggs or fruit and nuts for breakfast.. Forgot my routine of throwing a few eggs in the boiled egg contraption when I woke up, (did i mention my memory issues???), dooh.. Little rushed, SOoooo, i had a bowl of mini wheats instead.. (ok, I've gotta write that note down; STOP IT!!!!)... Started off ok, then little bloating and major gurgling on the ride to work. I ride a Harley, so that makes for some interesting discomfort, (hmm, anyone ever seen a porta-potty on a harley).. Got to work, then the jabbing pains in the gut start, followed by a major lightheaded feeling, nausea, and a pinch of head pains here and there for good measure. They would only last for a few seconds maybe a minute, but the lightheaded feeling hung around all day. Now, we all know what's next right??? Ok, the 2nd BM of the day; (had one before the mini wheats), never knew a BM could have some many aspects and shades of color in one sitting (hmm, Picasso in a toilet bowl)... 3rd BM an hour or so later was a little more consistent, unrewarding, pale, loose, and floating (maybe a cheap imitation)... Sorry still feeling like pooh; (ok, bad choice of words), and needed to vent.. I told you to stop up there . OK, where did i put that note to "STOP IT!!!"... God bless, thanks for listening..
  9. 46yr old male trying to connect some dots, and looking for some input. Long post, so thanks for reading. Woke up one morning to find a bump on my right shoulder. Come to find out I had an Acromioclavicular injury and after the OD finally sending me in for a MRI, we also discovered a tear in the shoulder. This was on the right side. Also, some years ago i had torn my left rotator cuff. The thing here is i could never remember something where i had caused the damage. I use free weights a bit and had just guessed I had caused the injuries at some point during a workout. One of the biggest issues that has me doing my research is daily unbearable fatigue. I