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  1. I apologize about the Aunt thing. The Aunt actually said that the Aunt had celiac, not the girl in question in the above discussions.
  2. This is a tough discussion. I am dating someone new. She originally told me she was celiac, which is fine. I helped her, always let her choose where to eat out, etc. First issue is that she was never diagnosed. Her aunt told her she had it, so she assumed she had it as well. (This diagnostic was about 2 years ago). She also says she's allergic to artificial sweeteners (splenda, etc.) (also, self diagnosed). So, all fine and dandy until I realize that she's been eating gluten items without realizing with no reaction. Is this possible? Went to a japanese restaurant and she ordered some miso soup. This happened twice before she realized (days later while reading online) that Miso soup had gluten in it. Also, at the same japanese restaurant, she has deep-fried sushi. She says it's safe, albeit I'm not sure with how. Another time we went to Red Lobster and had some shrimp, that later on I looked up online and realized that it also had gluten in it. The problem is that she is suddenly taking things to an extreme. She read online something about latex-allergy/wheat cross-reactions, so now she's forsaken most fruits, even though she's eaten them every day for breakfast. To me it kind of sounds like a hypochondria. She's reading things and assuming everything. But I could be wrong. Is it possible to eat gluten items (as above) without having any reaction with celiac? Also, as a celiac, can you touch gluten items (wheat/flour) without a reaction? Assuming you don't ingest it. Thank you so much for your assistance.