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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Alan, I went to this too. With the carbs and sugar. I bet you have candida. Candida overgrowth will cause a gluten intorlerance, eliminate high carbs and sugars. Stay away from gluten-free bread products and make them a delicacy, they way high in carbs too.
  2. Discovered this on accident. I have been putting cayenne pepper in my coffee, on foods that are maybe contaminated with gluten. It has worked wonders on my candida, works a lot better than coconut oil. Haberno's work the best, for me, 1 haberno compares to a tab of diflucan. The hotter the pepper, the more candida it will kill! I have been ingesting a lot of cayenne for the past couple months and many intolerance have gone away. When I get dominos gluten-free pizza, I load it up with cayenne and it works wonders on the digestive system, like a probiotic. Cayenne is weak so it takes a lot, about half tablespoon to work for me. However, I went as far as to make my own haberno hot sauce from an online recipe. Been putting that in my morning coffee, I also like to digest hot peppers in some form or another for two meals a day. I'd like to hear some follow ups on other people's results from. Its been a life saver for me. I call it "peppering" because its the capaicin is actually an herb more than a spice. Oh- by the way. many people think hot peppers upset the digestive system, this is a misconception but it is quite the opposite!
  3. Would you come out saving more money by making your own bread instead of buying a $5.00 loaf? Or does it cost more money to make your own. Anyone have a recipe to share? I would be interested in doing this if it doesnt take a whole lot of time. Thank you.
  4. I have all the celiac symptoms. Felt better from eating gluten-free even better when avoiding SUGAR I have just learned. Thought I might have DH on my elbows but its more of a poriasis look. The rash has cleared up more in 1 week from a kidding refined sugar than 1 year gluten-free. Problem is candida creates a gluten intorelance, I get the instant brain fog ect just like celiac. So I don't know if I have celiac which has caused a yeast overgrowth, or a yeast overgrowth resulting In a gluten intorelance. Anyone going through this?
  5. Charleston, Sc

    I live in Summerville sc. probably fit it the very sensitive category, at least for right now that I've been gluten-free for 9 months. I do not know anyone else who has celiac or gluten-free sensitive. I don't exactly fit into the usual stereotypical celiac mom category. I'm 30 year old guy I like to fish, duck hunt ect. So you can imagine the ridicule I get when I have to turn down a beer, haha. I thought it would be good to have a contact to exchange local gluten-free info. To give each other heads up, about restaurants ect. Could save one another from glutening from restaurants ect. Send me a message when can exchange contact info! Thanks
  6. Work Lunch Ideas. Help

    Thanks for the idea! keep them coming. I'm sure there helping out other people too.
  7. Been taking leftovers for awhile and its getting old. Tired of taking homemade BBQ, chicken breast, hamburgers. I know about corn tortilla roll ups but you get sick of that quick. I'm a working man, I have two kids and I dont have time to make a fancy salad for lunch. I need some ideas that are quick in the microwave and will keep a man full for a long work day. Appreciate any help I can get, need real world blue collar ideas. Thanks
  8. Sometimes if its been a while since I accidentally ate gluten, I breathe heavy for maybe 5 minutes and my eyes water. Its not an allergic reaction, almost like a minor panic attack. It isnt really a mental thing, I dont think about it, it just happens. After this happens I can have a lot of gluten the next day and it won't get this reaction again, until its been a long time. I don't know if I have full blown celiac or sensitivity. I am not allergic to wheat or anything else though. I also sometimes get a stye if Ive been glutened. Do these things happen to anyone else?
  9. Omission has some process that is supposed to remove break down the barley where it is safe. Each 6 pack has a date and you can log on to the website to see the test results (how many PPM of barley is remaining). My batch was <10 PPM, I noticed some batches were only <5PPM. After drinkin a few I had slight gluten effects but it went away quickly. Drank 5 that night felt ok but a little worse in the morning, and it was not a handover effect. Next day I drank 1 that afternoon and was very tired from just that 1, I guess cause my guts were already damaged. This beer has a high alcohol %, but I'm sure it was the barley. Rash flared up, and other signs that it was obviously from the beer, Damn shame, I hope eventually someone gets the removal process right. Goes to show that the "20 ppm" isnt even safe. Kind of depressing.
  10. I can say with certainty that this brewery has some cc issues with barley. No problems with red bridge though. Headache after 4 beers a few days ago. Drank one a few days later instant headache. I drink alcohol and used to drink all beer on a regular basis and I know this beer or at least my 6 pack is cc.
  11. ok noboday reads. the gluten is from the CUTTING TABLE, THE KNIFE, UNDIGESTED FEED. I never suggested the chicken's meat is contaminated in any other way except the butchering process.
  12. If your eating a chicken breast from a restaurant, marinated buttered, ect. You probably wont feel the effects of the gluten from being diluted. For those of us that buy a whole chicken, SOME of us DO have a problem. I was trying to be funny when I mention it in detail (not paranoid). Bottom line is the tables are contaminated, from undigested wheat. I'm speaking to the few people on this site who are actually come to this site FOR HELP, the people that area actually CELIAC FORREAL. Adalaide, it looks as though you have your own food issues, besides gluten. Everyone is different and through google searches I know a lot of people are just like me with chicken, after visiting a local butcher I decided to post this. Thanks
  13. First off I just wanted to say, I'm not one of these whackos suggesting eggs have gluten, ect. The following is a real issue and I hope everyone takes it seriously. Keep getting glutened from chicken and think its the added solutions? Could be, but there is another problem. The problem comes from the slaughter house. It doesn't matter if its a huge tyson factor, or a local farm. As they are slaughtered, there are guts, undigested wheat feed from the stomach ripped open, intestines, ect -not to mention the wheat already on the feathers and skin from rolling around in feed. The tables are absolutely contaminated with wheat. After they are rinsed, they look clean, but the powderous feed is already imbedded in the porous skin. At this point the chicken is reeking of gluten on the skin, and partially absorbed through the areas of the meat (the skin is not air-tight after being cut!). The inside of the chicken is lubricated with undigested feed (gluten) (from the removal and clinching of intestines -squeezes out undigested feed[gluten]) As the breasts, thighs, and legs are cut the knife will cut through this core at some point, contamining all cuts of meat. The unfortunate thing about this too is that gluten free chicken broths, are not 100% gluten free and may contain way more wheat than you would think. I personally I have tried progresso gluten free broth and I reacted within an hour or so. So if your fed up with all of the factory brands, don't be suprised when you get glutened from a chicken at your local butcher. Some folks think they are having a "chicken allergy" but I believe it is because of this issue. Obviously this is only going to effect supersensitve people, but if you really are celiac, you might want to think about cutting out chicken anyway even if you don't react to it. Its hard to accept, and some of you may be in denial. However this is a real issue and I hope a lot of people find this post and it helps them.
  14. I didnt have any symptoms during the test. I've had most of the symptoms you all do, and symptoms I didn't know I had until I quit gluten. The big thing was the blisters in my crack went away, something I had for 8 years and would not go away from any treatment at all but the diet. I stumbled on a post and someone had the same issue and said it was gluten related. I've been googling this issue once in a while to find out what it could have been but no luck before. No doctor would have ever guessed. I guess it was DH it is still there but at least I can sit down and watch a movie at bite without my hand down my pants at my inlaws. If I didn't see that post I'd still be suffering.