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  1. My significant other has been gluten sensitive most of his life to varying degrees. Somedays he can eat an entire pizza without getting sick, other days the slightest thing can make him sick. His mother and grandfather are also celiacs- she can't even touch it without getting sick for days. He has finally chosen to go gluten free, after a few days of feeling very sick. I am a very picky eater and dearly love my pastas, breads and baked goods. I dearly want to show my support for him. What is the best way to do this? It seems most of those in this forum with spouses with Celiac have chosen to also go gluten-free. Is this the most common choice for spouses of Celiacs? I do understand how it can make cooking much easier, but if I choose to also go gluten free, I do not want to become sensitive to it myself. What is the best way to deal?