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  1. Hey, I wanting to purchase a gluten-free shake but I am not sure what brand would be good I was thinking of one called Naturtral Whey protein. anyone got some ideas?
  2. Well I have not gone completely gluten free as I havn't done the shopping for next week, I will call the doctor tomorrow to get in on monday so I will spend the weekend eating gluten and continue eating it untill I get tested. Not looking forward to it, I look like a pregnant women from the bloating.
  3. Thank you both so much for your support I will go speak to my doctor soon. When I was younger I wasn't allowed much sugar my diet was pretty much fruit, salads, vegetables, meat of all kinds, mostly school lunches was a sanwhich and when I was able I use to pay for a chocolate brownie. My Nan had me living on natural foods from the health food shops.
  4. Hi everyone, I have had problems for almost a year now my most common symptoms are bloating, really bad stomach pains like someone is stabbing me and punching me, headaches and fatigue. For most of this time I just thought I was being silly until I decided to go off wheat to help with my weight loss as it was suggested to me by my aunty because my little cousin has problems with wheat. A few weeks ago I had to visit my grandmother who is not able to eat wheat at all, and that