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  1. I was diagnosed with sprue about 1 1/2 yrs. ago but prior to that I was diagnosed with diabetes Type 2. Does anyone out there have recipes that cover both conditions. Sometimes it gets really frustrating trying to balance the two. Thanks. Sue
  2. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes II and Sprue - my problem is diet. Blood sugar levels keep rising since having to follow Gluten free diet. Does ANYONE have any help or suggestions. I continue to get very sick from time to time no matter how careful I am. Sugar levels keep rising and am now on two glucose pills. Thanks. Sue
  3. I am diabetic and celiac. Will be traveling by air the first of February to Pheonix. Don't know how to handle the air travel. Can any help me with this. Thanks. Sue
  4. So glad to see your post - am going to Phoenix myself the first. Only problem is air travel. Any suggestions? Sue