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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you so much for all your replies!! I really needed to hear your opinions about it. That helped thanks! For whoever it was that asked about my symptoms, i just have bloating/gas. I had my doctor do the blood tests which were positive and that lead to the endoscopy. I'm an RN so i do realize how important it is to stick to the diet. It's just so hard to imagine a couple little bites can cause such a response in your body!! Crazy!
  2. I was just told today that my biopsies were positive. I'm trying to think about my life without a lot of my favorite foods. I know i'm going to go gluten free but seriously, is it a HUGE deal if i cheat once in awhile? Like even once a month on a favorite meal out, etc. I have no symptoms by the way. Thanks
  3. I had an endoscopy yesterday. My doctor just called and all six biopsies were positive!! I'm nervous and kind of sad about having to go gluten free but am excited to see if i feel better. I'm sure i will have a ton of questions for all of you! I guess the next step is meeting with a dietician. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Well it's done!!! Was super easy, completely knocked out so didn't know what was going on. I guess my intestine looked normal but she took six biopsies. She also said where my esophagus meets my stomach was a bit abnormal so she took a biopsy to check for barrets disease. I asked about what if my biopsy was negative but my labs positive. She said they could check another blood test, i think the genetic one and i also could try a gluten free diet to see if the ttg iga comes down.
  5. Thank you all!! I plan on talking with the doctor before and making sure she takes six biopsies. Leaving soon, i'm nervous!!!!
  6. Hello. I have hashimoto's and also was having a lot of bloating. My endo ran some celiac labs and my tgg iga was 37 and my ttg igg was 39. Greater than 10 is positive. I have my endoscopy on monday. What should i talk to the gastro about prior to the procedure eg. How many biopsies, etc. Thank you!!!!!"
  7. Thanks for your input. Maybe i do feel symptoms sometimes and i just don't relate them to gluten. This afternoon i felt like just crap. So tired, headache, foggy. And i did have a bunch of wheat thins with lunch so maybe it was related.
  8. Do any of you have celiac without many symptoms? I had positive tgg iga and igg and am awaiting an endoscopy. I have bloating, fatigue, but that's really about it. I'm wondering if my biopsy will even show anything since i don't have many symptoms. Thanks
  9. So even if a person has antibodies from hashimoto's ?
  10. Hello! I have hashimoto's and asked my doctor to check labs for celiac. My ttg iga and ttg igg both cameback positive at 39 and 37, greater than 10 is positive. I'm going for an endoscopy in two weeks. I've heard that having an autoimmune thyroid condition could maybe cause a false positive lab. I'm just wondering what your labs were and if your biopsy ended up being positive or not. Thank you so much!