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  1. I started taking a probiotic here. The label says its gluten free. However, it is enteric coated? Might this be a problem? I recall reading somewhere that enteric coating is wheat based?
  2. Hey all, I recently found out I am allergic (not celiac, not intolerant) to gluten. It does not induce shock, but I have horrible allergies and feel quite crummy after eating foods. Doc thinks it might have been the gluten all along. So, I am going gluten free. As a newb, I have a few questions and would really appreciate as many people as possible weighing in: 1. To get started, I'd like a shopping guide. How is cecelia's? Is it reliable? 2. I read elsewhere in this forum that cecelia's is a crutch, and that really its best to become a good ingredient reader. How do I become a good ingredient reader? Is there a database of book of some sort that goes through all ingredients, and provides other tips and tricks? 3. Is ingredient reading really good enough? Apparently lots of things that would seem gluten free can be derived from gluten sources and processed foods that say gluten free and have no gluten ingredients may in fact be cross contaminated. That is why cecelia's was appealing to me not just as a crutch, but using primarily, because it would seem the authors are aware the these types of issues. Thoughts? Thanks! EDIT: Wow, I cannot believe I misspelled "ingrediants" in the title. I'll take my one free pass now, thanks.