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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I feel your pain. It is hard for me to eat and feel comfortable. There are a few things that I have learned through. If you have not already done so I highly recommend moving to a all organic diet. There have been tons of research showing the importance of "clean" food for not just digestion health but for all the systems. I can not stress enough the difference this can make. I have also had luck with juicing for a few days to clean the "unfriendly" foods out. It may be the fiber in the fruits/veggies that is giving you pain or just the bodies struggle to process. If it is the fructose just juice what you can tolerate. Fresh juice is super easy for the body to absorb with minimal effort. You could also throw a scoop of probiotics in to it. I was also wondering how strict you have been with vegetarianism. Are you vegan? I have been veggie for 17 years so I can relate to your anxiety of adding meat back into your diet. I have debated it for about a year because I too am down to such a small list of foods I can eat... Years ago, I found that my body does not tolerate chicken or milk but I can do most fish and eggs. Maybe that might work for you too. I also figured out through journaling that my body does not trigger to the same foods all the time. In the elimination diet it may open things up for you to try things a few times before you totally rule them out. I wish there was a quick answer but we are all so unique. Trail and error on a individual level is the only way to get there. I know how it feels to be so hungry but afraid to eat. Some days I wait till 3 or 4 in the afternoon just so I can get something accomplished before my body becomes consumed... I keep telling myself it will get better and some days it does. Stay positive! It helps... I wish the best of luck!
  2. I agree with PricklyPear; an out of balance thyroid can cause a whole myriad of symptoms. I am always looking for a natural solution and am not a huge fan of medications at all but, in the case of thyroid, it can be helpful. Just don't let them talk you into radiation. The meds only work for me sometimes. I have a suspicion that the pigs that they harvest the thyroid from are not tested before extraction. So if the pig had thyroid problems... lol. I watched a video by Andrea Beaman, a holistic health counselor, on healing thyroid conditions that was very informative. Some of her suggestions and things I have learned from school(Institute for Integrative Nutrition), in regards to thyroid, may be helpful to you. Try to not consume foods with goitrogenes because they suppress thyroid function. You can find list online of specifics of that. Cruciferious veggies, strawberries, some nuts, ect.. If they are cooked the goitrogenes are released and its not a issue. Also adjust the types of iodine you eat. Use sea salt instead of table salt, eat lots of seaweeds and fermented foods. Paying attention to getting the right kinds of fat can also be helpful(that will help with digestion too.) Good luck with all of this. I know how frustrating it can be to feel terrible and not know what to do. Hope some of these suggestions help you.