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  1. That is funny, I got told by my GI that I was too young to have it at 27 years old. He went on to explain that it was an end of life problem. However, he agreed to do the biopsy because I had the positive blood test and the referral from my GP. He did one sample and then declared that the biopsy was fine, I did not have Celiac and that I could eat bread. This is before I knew anything about it so I was relieved. I then was curious about the false positive blood test and the fact that I felt so sick, so I looked it up on the internet. After just a little bit of learning, I was positive that I had it. I talked to him about this at a follow-up appointment. I brought up the positive blood test and how we should have gotten multiple samples from different areas for biopsy. He said, "well your white, I wouldn't eat a lot of bread, most white people can't tolerate much carbs." WHATTTTTT? My husband then jumped into the conversation and this guy defended his not celiac diagnosis and sensitive to carbs because I'm caucasian. He ended it with a, "we never have celiacs in my country" comment (he's African). Thank goodness I can just go gluten free and I don't need any medications/prescriptions from him or anything.
  2. I just wanted to let you know that I called today about the Men's Rogaine Easy-to-Use Foam (1 month's supply). The representative told me that it was gluten free and did not contain any products or ingredients who's products contained Oats, Wheat, Barley or Rye. She checked on my specific box/lot # Bar code: 3-12547-78130-5 Lot: 1442RD EXP: 2014/02 I am not sure if this foam is a new product or if they have changed their ingredients from before. Either way I am a happy camper. My doctor prescribed this to me for my hair loss (Celiac Dx in May 2012). I had to have 2 minor and 1 major surgery since then and my hair was falling out in clumps (not sure if it was stress from the medical trauma I was going through with my liver, from the surgeries, or from the gluten products I was using). At age 27 I had lost about 85% of my hair over 2 months or so. I just wish I knew I was going to loose so much because I would have cut it short and donate it. >.< I've now switched to gluten free products for my skin and hair, and my liver issue is resolved. It seems to be that a "normal" amount is falling out now, but the doctor said this would speed things up for re-growth. She told me to use the men's for the kind of hair loss I had (I'm female). Hope this helps.
  3. Hi there, I was tested in April 2012 because there was something seriously wrong with me (which happened over night) and my grandfather had been diagnosed in Feb. 2012 with Celiac. It turned out that I had a giant liver cyst, which had to be removed via liver re-sectioning in July. However, my test was positive. When I got the positive blood test in on 05/03/2012 I went on a gluten-free diet. I then got a negative biopsy 10 days later and the GI said to go ahead and eat gluten that I did NOT have Celiac. I knew better from reading on-line and maintained a gluten-free diet anyway. Since then I have basically been in the hospital had surgery, sepsis, staff infections, strep in my blood, etc. etc. and I have never felt any better. My liver situation has been cleared up now (since July), so I made another appointment with my general doctor to find out what going on with me still. He decided that I should get another blood test for Celiac, he also did a full vitamin panel, and also some blood work to test my thyroid. I'm confused though because since I have been gluten-free for over 4 months I should get a negative blood test, right? He also told me to go off of all the vitamins, supplements and medications for the time being (which were all gluten-free). My symptoms are: * Extreme hair loss (I have lost about 80% in about 6 weeks) * I feel sick every time I eat (tummy ache) * Need to use the restroom immediately after eating * Have massive stomach cramps that are loud and can be heard from another room after eating * Intense hunger * Vertigo (sometimes) * Extremely tired with rapid on-set(despite sleeping enough 8-10 hours a night) * Cannot focus on listening to people or read anymore (get to tired) * Bloating (I lost 30 lbs in May from 2 surgeries and still had to go up in sizes) * Anemic (according to blood tests in April - June) * Rashes on my hands and feet (tops only, very specific area) I think that if I do have Celiac then the liver problem "triggered" it because I used to live on bread and gluten products and never had problems before. I am surprised that despite being gluten-free for over 4 months I am feeling worse than I did when diagnosed. I feel like I am getting worse everyday and the doctors can't come up with a reason why. My blood work makes me out to be as healthy as a horse besides being anemic... I'm only 27 y/o and have never had any problems like this before. My questions are: 1) After being gluten-free for 4 months should I expect to see a negative or positive blood test? 2) Do people ever report getting sicker after going gluten-free a few months into it? 3) Is it possible that my husband is making me sick by kissing me after he eats gluten all day at work? 4) Do people on their gluten challenge get sick with every meal or just their meals with gluten in them? 5) Are there certain brands I should be avoiding even though they say gluten-free on the packaging? (I was talking about this to somebody in person who has a gluten-free nephew and she asked me if I was eating the gluten-free Chex cereal - I wasn't - and told me that it makes her nephew sick because its made alongside gluten products). 6) Anybody know of a great doctor who truly understands Celiac in the Los Angeles or Southern California area? My doctors don't seem to know much about it. I do not think that I am ingesting gluten, I do not wear make up and have checked my personal care products, I have cleaned my kitchen to the nth degree... I'm eating fresh fruits and veggies mostly with BBQ or steamed meats or gluten-free labeled deli meats. I check everything to make sure it is gluten free. I am keeping a journal of food and reactions and their is no rhyme or reason to what is going on. Any insight will help. Thank you!