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  1. In Dayton, Sinfully Gluten Free is a pizza place and has baked goods as well as other menu items. The whole restaurant is gluten-free and the pizza is some of the best I've ever had...
  2. Brasa, PF Changs, original pancake hiuse(Edina & Eden prairie), Tavern on France, Qdoba, Rice Paper....I could go on and on. I have pics and menus on my FB page.
  3. Blue highway is fantastic( I have pics on my FB page) and Bj's brew house
  4. I'm doing it too Really no other way to eat and once goal weight is reached it's an 80/20 deal. Raw milk is illegal here in Ohio too but we have raw milk cheese and as long as it's grass fed that's what I get. I buy pasteurized but Non homogonized grass fed milk. It tastes no different and is much better for you. Some people use some dairy and a lot use none. I think it's individual.
  5. This was a call from the home office of Outback. When the Federal mandate passed regulating food they had to cease immediately with anything not on the standard corporate gluten-free menu. We traveled from Ohio over the summer to eat here and this is the info we uncovered. So, the problem has to be taken up with 1)home office Outback 2) washington( Michelle Obama) for passing rules on how we should stay healthy.