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  1. Having been to more doctors than i can count with my now four year old daughter, I have given up on getting any help from them. I have now decided to try her on a IBS/ low fodmap diet for a week or two to see if there is any improvment, but i don't know where to start. Does anyone have any sugestions about things like breads that are tasty, child friendly dinners, recipes, bloggs, anything? Have been reading alot about it and think I have the basics down, but its a little hard to find good recipes. She is not a picky eater at all, she loves all vegetables and fruits, and as long as it doesen't look very strange she will try anything we have for dinner. She does also really love pretty much ant dairy product known to man, and i give her lactace suplements every day becaus she seems to be lactose intolerant.
  2. I am absolutly gluten- and wheat free, and intend to stay that way even if I never get a diagnosis. Obviously it is poison for my body, I just would love to know WHY...!
  3. I have, and that is absolutly a posibility. But the whole allergy thing scares me a little, as I know you can get severe reactions... So I would really want to know if I have an allergy or not, to know if this is something i need to worry about. I do offcours know that nobody here can tell me if I am allergic, but it would be nice to know what people think
  4. I did a gluten callange this summer/fall in order to try and find out if I have celiac. All tests came back inconclusive, but I have been glutenfree since, and feeling like a new person. It has been sugested to me that I might be allergic to wheat, as quite a few of my reactions are 'allergic reactions', and also I can not have wheat starch, that is glutenfree but made from wheat. My allergibloodtests are all clare, but I know for a fact that I have pollen allergy, so I don't have alot of fathe in that. My doc said he would set up an appointment with an allergy specialist, but I have not heard from him after that, so I will call him tomorrow. But today somthing happend. I hade a chocolatbar that i was sure was glutenfree, but when i startet getting my typical gluten symptoms, I had a look and it was NOT glutenfree. Someone said to try zantac and zyrtec (together), and it seems it helped! That's i good thing, as my gluten symptoms usually last three days, but does this make it more likely that i have an allergy to wheat? I'm thinking maybe it does, but i know very little about this allergy stuff...
  5. thank you, i will look into that!
  6. I found the whole thing about the different ratios of omega3- and 6 to be very interesting, as I study nutriton. Omega 6 is not something bad we need to be protected from at all, but it is true that an inbalace in the ratios of omega 3-6-9 is not good, but very common with a modern western diet. Also, whatever you eat in one meal will become quite liquified, broken down and very well mixed up before getting into the intestine, so if this was the problem it could be solved with just taking a omega 3 supplement along with an eggy meal, and it would be fine. I usually have salmon with my egg (caus it's so tasty!), and that makes no differance, either. There can be some damage done by having an omega ratio that is very off, but it is very unlikely for that to manifest as an intolerance to one speciffic food. I did try eggs several times after making that first post, and it did not go well. So I left it for a few weeks, and tried again very carefully with foods that contain egg, and that now seems fine. I have not yet tried having pure eggs, I think I'll ease in to that later.
  7. My daughter has had belly-troulbe ever since she was a year old, she is now turling four. At first she was gluten- and diary free for a while and got better. We reintrodused diary, and that went well exept some reactions to lactose, so she is now getting lactase supplements. We tried reintrodusing gluten severeal times, and it did not work at all. Then, when she was about three, we desided, along with her doctor, to try gluten one last time, if she had reactions to it still we would just let her be glutenfree till she was 6-7 years old, and then try again. And this time it worked! She was perfectly fine with gluten, no reactions at all! Then this spring she started complaining about stomace ache and joint pain in her legs. I talked to the doc, we agreed do try glutenfree again. Did not do any difference. It got worse and worse. She had her third celiac test done. All clare. Then she finaly got an appointment at the hospital, and we were looking very much foreward to it. This week we showed up for the appointment, and it turns out to be with a specialised nurse. Who within two minutes state that she has chronic constipation. I try to argue that she passes stool almost evey day (I'd say like 6 out of 7 days), and normal amounts, but the nurse says it's constipation becaus her stool is very hard. This nurse says several things that i know to be wrong, about how the bowels moove, about the absorption of different nutrients, how different things effect the digestion and so on, and I do not feel like I can trust her to be competent. She was not at all interested in finding out the reason for this alledged constipation, but prescribed a laxative that my daughter is first suposed to have large amounts of for a week, to 'clear her bowels', and then she is suposed to keep using it, maybe for years. This clensing thing is not an option now, as I have a big exame in less the two weeks (it will give her dihorrea for several days and she will need to stay home from kindergarden), shortly after my exame is her birthday and then christmass. So I just started her on a regular dose on of the laxative, and now two days later her stools are soft and mor frequent, but she still has the same pain. The nurse did not at all listen to the fact that her legs/knees hurt, guess that is generally dismissed as growing pain. I feel at a loss her. The defenitions of chronic constipation does not fit at all. Softening her stools do not seem to help, and she has had changes in her stools far more quickly and with alot less of the laxative then expected (by the nurse). Anyone har any thouhts about this? Should I just trust this nurse and assume my little girl has constipation? If so, why does she have it? If not, what else could it be? She has been tested for all kinds of allergies and for celiac several times, but it all seems fine. She is a happy child, and healthy apart from the tummy- and joint ache, and she tends to have ALOT of gas. Can't seem to worke out the reason for that, but im sure it is related, as bloatedness will often be painfull...
  8. Thank you! I did some rotation diet-googleing afterall, and it seemd very overwhelming, but the way you put it it seems alot more do-able That is strange, with your intoleranse to oats...! Do you know how your daughter went about to reintroduce the foods? And did she do something first, like a month of probiotics og some suplements or wait a really long time or something?
  9. How do I do that? (I know, I could google it and spend the night reading articles on food rotation, but I really don't feel up to it...)
  10. After my inconclusive celiac test, I desied to go totally glutenfree. That worked wonders, and for a month I felt better hvat ever. Then out of the blue, eggs started giving me the same symptoms as gluten did. So I stopped having eggs. Then oats startet making me vomit and soy gave me stomace ace. So I stopped having that as well. Now, someting is slightly upsetting my stomace again, and I can't figure out what. It's not bad now, but I have loos stools and some gas, but the joint pain, anxiety, hormone problems and so on are all pretty much gone. Why do I keep getting all these intoleranses? Is there anything I can do to keep from getting any more or even get some of the foods back? Could this be IBS or leaky gut in addition to celiac/glutenintolerance? If so, how can I know which one? Is there anything to be done about IBs or leaky gut? I am so feed up with this crap, and doctors dosen't seem to be intrested if its not something they can test for...
  11. I'm not sure if I have celiac or gluten intolerance, as my celiac testing was inconclusive, but gluten does not work for me. After I went totally glutenfree I felt better than ever, then after a month I noticed eggs had become a problem, giving me the exact same symptoms as gluten. I also see the oats make me vomit and messes with my stomace, but don't think it givs the joint pain, anxietiy and so on. Soy gives me stomace pain. And now I think something else is bothering me as well, but I don't know what. Like you, I hope to be able to reintroduse the foods again , I was hoping before christmass, but that does not seem likely...
  12. I have the same experience as you when it comes to the sex drive. For me, I think gluten has been effecting my hormons, and that has messed with my mood, my weight, my periods, skin, sexdrive and maybe some more things that I haven't noticed yet. I have never ever had of totally regular periods where you know almost exactly the date in advance, and also I used to have about 4-6 weeks between them. But it was alwas like that, so I didn't think that much about it. But after going glutenfree, they became absolutly regular, to the date, with a normal 4 week cycle. And with that, my sexdrive showed up, and my husband is very happy
  13. BelleVie, thats nice to know! I'll try that, as I don't live that far from an organic farm that i do belive has eggs. I'll look into it today
  14. Hi Cristiana! I am wondering, is wheat starch commonly used in gluten free baked goods and flour blends in UK as it is in Norway? If so, try to stay away from that and stick to what is naturally gluten free, as wheat starch has traces of gluten, but less than 20 ppm, so it is considerd safe for most celiacs.
  15. Yup. But, it is posible it's the eggs? I'm leaning more towars that now, as I am already starting to feel better now, and i only ha a little egg whites, and last weekend I had quite a bit more egg, and was knoked out for almost the whole week.... I have never had a problem with eggs before, and after going glutenfree I ate ALOT of eggs and was doing so good for weeks, and now this...