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  1. I just joined this website today and literately JUST put up a post asking constipation is one of the symptoms of celiacs.....I dont have an answer for you but i think you may have answered my question , thanks lol
  2. So I am awaiting test results from my doctor , in the mean time he has asked me to go on a gluten free diet also dairy free to see how I will feel. I have started to do so and after not even 2 weeks i already feel better , but I still have questions. I have done allot of reading on this and what keeps popping up in most of my readings is that people usually experience significant weight loss and well how to put it lightly ( get the runs ) lol, but I am a bigger girl I weight around 170 I actually put on 40 pound in the last year, no madder how hard i try to exercise, and eat well without yo -yo-ing nothing seems to work , I also get blocked up instead of getting the (runs) lolol , how is it then that I could possible have celiacs. Oh also .... does gluten allergy always mean u have celiacs, is it the same thing ?