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  1. HAHA oh I'm good with the big bag ... it's like having a CVS or RITEAID in my bag lol .... I didn't even think to bring that to prove it. I dont want to be a pain in the butt with it with them but I am a popcorn lover so I'll bring that letter and see that happens thanks
  2. Wow everyone thank YOU all so much! This will help me so much ... It def is a change of life and I'm just not looking to mess it up lol. My gastro doctor had actually said to me before the endoscopy that it would actually heal itself within 3 months but that is NOT what I am seeing. I guess it depends on the damage that it was done already .. Am I right with that? I have another question (for now lol) ... I am going to see a movie tomorrow with friends and I have saw about the movie theater popcorn not being completely gluten-free due to possible butter additive and cross contamination SOOO I just went to the store and got gluten-free popcorn ... Is there any advice as to what to say to the theater if they give me problems going in with it? Thanks again so much
  3. 1 week ago I got diagnosed and confirmed with celiac. Trying so hard to make sure I am eating all of the right things. Today was crazy for me .. Went to dunkin donuts and had a French vanilla coffee collata (which I have researched is gluten free) but nope not for me ... Had a horrible flare up!! I was thinking maybe the milk but nope had dairy later in the evening and was fine ... Anyone have any good websites or apps for iPhone to try and help me?