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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the replies. We have the added difficulty that she has autism so this is a very difficult change for her not to be able to eat what she is accustomed to. I am very, very concerned about cross contamination as we live in a small town where no one knows about celiac or gluten. So even if I know a food is gluten free it could still be cross contaminated. We went to olive garden and ordered off of the gluten-free menu and the pasta was obviously gluten-free but I still worried about the sauce. And the salad. (no croutons). Basically I am preparing everything at home and google to see if it is gluten. She is already scarred from scratching the dh. The dr said it should heal but the skin there is different-thicker, coarser, and discolored. I use neosporin on the areas and cover them when she lets me but she can scratch through the coverings. We also have a prescription steroid cream that doesn't help at all so I think I should stop using it. I will continue reading on this site for more tips. Thanks.
  2. My daughter who is 9 was diagnosed with dh form of celiac a month and a half ago. When she was diagnosed she had severe dh patches on her arms, knees, shoulders, neck and face. She has been 100% gluten-free for a month and a half. While the dh areas are better in most places, the areas on her arms are still bad, though not as bad. New lesions are still forming. How long will it take for this to stop? It is still very itchy for her and she scratches til it bleeds and we have had persistent staph issues when the open lesions are exposed. Thank you.