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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all.... My son's class at school are having the following candy as a special "Treat" on Friday at his halloween party... 1. Dum-Dum Pops (which on the list are listed as gluten-free) 2. Smarties (also listed as gluten-free) 3. Star Bursts it is the Star Bursts that I am concerned about... it has "Modified Food Starch" in it, but it is on the list of "Safe Halloween Candy".... Do they use Corn starch or should I just not let him have those.... I know he can have the dum dum pops and the smarties... Thanks in advance! --Maya
  2. What I am doing this year (being my first year on gluten-free diet with me and my son.... the only candy that will be in our house will be gluten-free (for handing out, and the enevitable leftovers).... and when the kids come home, I will do a buy back program.... where depending on how much NON gluten-free Stuff they end up I will determine a price per piece and then Alan and Catey (even tho she is not gluten-free, I am doing this with her as well because otherwise alan would whine about catey not having to do it...) will be able to go to the store with me and pick out candy that they want that is gluten-free and then all of the Non gluten-free candy will go with Hubby to his office to get given away.... we will see how this works this year and if it works then we will do it next year too... talk to you all later... gotta go get my kid on the bus --Maya
  3. Swelling Of Ankles And Hands?

    Thanks for all the information! I am glad I am not the only one with swollen ankles and hands... Lately my right ankle has been really bad even tho I have been 100% gluten free.... but it could just be edema too (I have been diagnosed with that in the past too...) somedays I keep telling my hubby that the first day they offer brain implants into other bodies...sign me up! Altho a lot of it is "In the head" so I guess that won't work after all.... sigh... oh well... --Maya
  4. Now I'm Getting Frustrated

    I know what you are going through....I had a night like that the other night...where I just could not sleep.... I didn't have any of my clonazapam and that is what helps me sleep... so when I couldn't sleep I just tossed and turned for a while and then finally fell asleep at around 4 am...and had to get up at 8...ick.... Hope everything goes well with your husbands surgery... --Maya
  5. Swelling Of Ankles And Hands?

    ok so it is from both or one or the other but not sure which one got it ... thanks... it is just frustrating cause it is painful... thanks for the info... --Maya
  6. Hey all, my ankles and hands have been swelling lately and I was wondering if that would be a symptom of my fibromyalgia or my Gluten Intolerance... anyhow... let me know what you guys think.... --Maya
  7. Cake Is Too Dry

    OOOH goodie!! I am glad this thread is here... we have a birthday party coming up this weekend! Thank you ! I will definately try the yogurt trick! thanks!! --Maya
  8. are all whole foods doing this? or is it just certain ones? I am on the East Coast and the ones that you are all saying look like they are on the west coast....(a little far to drive to get bread) --Maya
  9. ok thanks! I think i have some of those in the cabinet --Maya
  10. Food Segregation At Home

    Wow I love it! I think I am going to do this with my son! --Maya
  11. ROFL.... He normally gets bologna and cheese sandwich, or PB&J or PB&F sandwich, carrots, fruit snacks or chips and a juice box... I am getting him a thermos today when I go to walmart.... tomorrow he is having baked beans and hotdogs...just gotta find a gluten-free baked beans.....anyone know of one? and he can have mac and cheese that i make... (quinoa pasta and velveeta).... well... I am on my way to wal-mart this morning to get him a thermos...and some other things I need.... *HUGS* to you all! --Maya
  12. Thank you all for the replies... He is very picky and was a little upset when I told him that he couldn't have mcdonald's chicken nuggets anymore... (he equated that with no mcdonalds at all...) i told him there were other things he can eat there... and he seemed to be ok with that... we haven't been to mcdonalds in a while anyways.... he did have gluten-free Chicken nuggets last night and he seemed to like them... which is a good thing.... today I sent him to school with a Peanut butter and fluff sandwich on Kinnikinnick brown sandwich bread, a pack of carrots and some juice.... hopefully he will eat his sandwich..... we will see.... gotta run now... --Maya
  13. Hey all... Well my Dr. just called me and let me know that she is calling the GI docs cause she is sure how to interpret his results (I suppose it is good she is calling someone else for a second opinion).... The tests she did and their results were the following: (I think I got the IgG and the IgA results are the right way around....they might be reversed....trying to remember what she said but they are both high) tTg: Normal (I think she said it was a 3) IGg Antibodies: High -- Normal range is 0-19..his was a 48 IgA Antibodies: High -- Normal range is 0-19... his was 124 Sed Rate: normal 39 CBC: Everything seemed fine... She said that I should definately try him on a gluten-free Diet and see if that does anything... and she is going to talk to the GI guys (as she said) and see what they think....I guess she has another little child that has similar (Not exactly the same) but similar results and she wants to see what they think... I am going to put him on the gluten-free diet (he had gluten-free cereal this morning and liked it ) so any ideas ? --Maya
  14. Well I talked to hubby again....gave him so more information and he agrees with me now so now we are having a gluten-free lightsaber cake (my sister is making it) and we are having an all gluten-free birthday both cakes (he is having a party for his friends earlier in the day) and then the family birthday will be gluten-free...and all the rest of the snacks and such will be gluten-free I am going to be calling my Dr's office on tuesday (don't think they are open tomorrow) to get his results from his test... *hugs* Thanks all for all the information! I am going to test the gluten-free pantry cookie and cake mix this week and that way we will see how it comes out --Maya
  15. I just ordered a few of their products.... Hey... if I can help the people down there while eating good Gluten free food...then I will gladly do it! --Maya