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  1. I agree with Shauna. I was diagnosed very recently. My doctor told me that for the next 12 months I should implement the diet and use things that are in theory safe and avoid the bad ones. If I'm not sure, I should check the ingredients and if nothing sticks out as gluten, I should not care about the warning about plant processing gluten. After 12 months I should get tested and see if I need to correct my diet or not.... It was a huge relief as I was starting to panic about not being able to eat anything....
  2. I'm on the diet since 1,5 month and gained 6 kilos in the first 4 weeks. I was shocked. I think its mostly due to all those gluten free cakes I started eating to overcompensate - they contain huge amount of calories and almost no fibres :/ Doctor also said that my body started to absorb more nutritients... I cut the cakes and managed to stop gaining weight... I hope I will manage to loose some too...