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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm curious to know how long it took for you all to start noticing health improvement once you cut gluten from your diet? I won't have my endoscopy for at least a month and am considering cutting gluten for a week just to see if I notice any difference. I have constant muscle aches and have been diagnosed with benign fasiculation syndrome and have read that this could be caused by my low Vit D. As I posted earlier my blood tests came back negative so if I respond positively to cutting the gluten then I can always load up again before I schedule the endoscopy.
  2. My diet is very restricted because of the Barrett's and I've tried coming off of the Nexium and have tried a few different PPI's and natural remedies but nothing works for me unfortunately. My GE is talking surgery for the large hernia but I'm not at all keen on that because the success rate is not that high and like you I don't tolerate sedation well at all. I'd rather stay on a PPI than risk my Barrett's progressing to cancer
  3. I was really nauseated after my first endoscopy and throwing up a lot because of an adverse reaction to the sedative that they used but other than that I was fine. You don't feel anything from the biopsies. I had to have my esophagus dilated due to strictures. Yes I too have terrible reflux and like you will have to take Nexium for life According to my husband who was with me in recovery after my first endoscopy I would wake up briefly ask how it all went then be sick and immediately fall asleep for a few minutes then wake up and ask the same question all over again..ha..ha..he said this went on for about twenty mins. For each subsequent endoscopy they used a different sedative and I've never had the same reaction thank goodness. I'm not sure how much gluten you should be eating but I think as long as you've been eating some daily and not been completely gluten free you should be fine. Maybe someone else can answer that for sure.
  4. Blood Tests Negative

    Thanks you. Normal is good.
  5. Blood Tests Negative

    My tTG IgA was negative my IgA level was 189 mg/dl I don't know the difference between those two. I wish they'd give numbers instead of just negative for all the tests and actually have the numbers in corresponding columns! It would make it so much easier to read. I firmly believe that we know our bodies better than any Doctor and I know for sure that whenever I have a lighter gluten day as in if we eat rice as opposed to bulgur I have less problems with bloating, cramping etc. I will go gluten free regardless of what the biopsy reveals once I have it. I may have the genetic test done just to see if I carry the gene. I seem to remember when I went through some fertility treatments 10 years ago that we had HLA testing done and I'm pretty sure I remember DQ8 but of course I can't find the paperwork and the clinic was bought out and all my files have gone into storage and can't be accessed.
  6. When you hear people tell you it's 'all in your head' enough times it's very easy to start believing it. For years I lived with undiagnosed Hashimoto's and my symptoms were put down to getting older, homesickness, as I'd just moved to the US even though my job took me back to the UK 3-4 times per month. I also lived with my GERD was told to de-stress my life and cut out spicy foods!! I was eventually diagnosed with a large Hiatus hernia and Barrett's esophasgus! The hashi's was diagnosed after 2 of what turned into six miscarriages and had it been treated when I first started having problems I might well have gone on to have a successful pregnancy but alas it wasn't meant to be for me. I am depressed I'll admit that but it's as a result of not getting answers to what is going on with my health. If an antidepressant would make all of my symptoms go away I'd be the first one to take it but I truly believe that that isn't the problem. I think I'll lose it if another Doctor tells me it's all in my head
  7. Blood Tests Negative

    I'm glad you were finally able to have two successful pregnancies Yes I plan on continuing to eat gluten until the biopsy even though a huge part of me just wants to go gluten free right now! Did you have any blood work done and if so what were the results if you don't mind me asking? I hope you don't have to wait too long for the biopsy results. I know with my Barrett's it only took about a week.
  8. I was diagnosed with Barrett's four years ago and Hashimoto's 11 years ago. I don't know if there will be a separate charge or not but like you I'm due for an endoscopy for my Barrett's and I've just had negative blood test for Celiac but I intend to ask them to biopsy for Celiac just to either rule out or confirm. From what I've read I think you need to be eating gluten before you have the biopsy but probably somebody on the boards will be better able to advise you on that as I'm just learning about this disease. Hope you get the answers you're looking for and feel better soon.
  9. Well got my blood work back from Doctor and the panel was negative. I don't have the exact numbers except for IgA which was 189mg/dl. The others just said negative. Am I right in thinking that it is still possible to have negative results on blood tests but positive biopsy? I haven't scheduled an endoscopy as of yet but I'm due for a check on my Barrett's soon so will ask my GE to biopsy for Celiac's at the same time. I'm a little ticked off as my husband went to the Dr for his own problem and they started talking about me and the Dr sort of suggested in a roundabout way that my problems could be depression related!! Dr didn't breach any code of ethics etc but still it ticked me off because I didn't get my Barrett's, Hashimoto's, 6 miscarriages, Diverticulosis, or my vitamin D level of 4 just because I'm depressed if anything I'm a little depressed because I'm not getting answers!! Sorry for the rant.
  10. Thanks for replying, good to know I'm not the only one . Had my blood panel drawn last Monday and should have the results by Friday. Doctor said if positive then I'd need endocsopy and colonoscopy! Has anyone else heard of that? I thought there was only the need for endoscopy. Anyway I also believe that there is a chance of false negative so as I'm due for my next endoscopy for my Barrett's Esophagus I'll just request that they biopsy for Celiac's also.
  11. Thanks for the responses and yes I should have said associated with and not a symptom of Celiac's or gluten intolerance. I think possibly my immune system is so out of whack that it is reacting to a lot of different things. Good to know that I'm not a hypochondriac!
  12. Thanks, Tom. You sound just like me! I practically run past the sales people in the mall when they try to spray you with the latest perfume..lol..and my poor husband is banned from wearing cologne these days. My neurologist said I had an over sensitized brain due to the migraines but never went any further than that but this is the same guy who just settled for diagnosing me with benign fasiculation syndrome without even testing me for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. So this could be a symptom of gluten sensitivity or Celiac's then?
  13. Yes I'm on Synthroid and like you I feel best when my levels are between 0.3-0.5. I had a great Endocrinologist in Dallas since I was diagnosed and then we moved to Houston and I've been trying to find a new specialist but no luck so I'm going to just keep going back to Dallas for my app's. She's worth the trip!! Yes the M/C's were very hard I had all sorts of blood clotting issues as well as the autoimmune stuff so it just didn't work for us in the end and I'm still trying to get my health under control. I'm tired of feeling ill all of the time but I want to know for sure whether or not I have Celiac's before I start gluten free as I travel a lot and need to be 100% committed to this life change and diet.
  14. Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad I found the boards. I believe my calcium was low normal and my iron was slightly below normal but he wasn't worried about that. He ordered magnesium because I'd requested it but the lab skipped it!! But the others were not done so I'll request those. And yes I have been reading that it's best to have a GI who is actively involved with Celiac patients so I'll contact my local support group for a recommendation. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for responding. Yes I've read enough to know that I have to stay on Gluten to get an accurate diagnosis. One more thing I wanted to ask, I've developed all sorts of sensitivities to foods, chemical, perfumes, household cleaners etc where just the smell will give me a headache or eating something will give me a reaction. I've begun to feel like a hypochondriac! Has anyone else had reactions like this?