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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Email Tesco (and any other gluten free foods maker) and ask regards cross contamination of their gluten-free and non-gluten-free foods and derivatives like glucose syrup which is regularly made from wheat and used in their free from foods. Eat Natural's nut bars, when I last checked, still have GS from wheat. Dove's Farm emailed to say for me not to have their gluten-free flours & biscuits in case of CC issues. Not emailed them for over a year though. Check with Dermol for their Dermol Cream. Wrote last year and they said gluten/wheat free but best to ask them again in case any ingredient changes. Mitchum deodorant, Head and Shoulders classic care, Vaseline tub - all makers said they are gluten-free, SF and DF but again please check with them as I'd hate it if you reacted. My OH uses Alima Pure for make up. They are from the USA though. You can get sampler pots for about $1.50. Please check though as I asked my partner and she hasn't bought from them in over a year. Cough medicines are a joke though. I can't find any without glucose syrup derived from wheat. No reactions here though from vicks stick (please check!!) Orgran are brilliant. They have cookies, crispbreads, rice/corn pastas and packet mixes for bread (not tried it though - think you need a machine for it) but the pizza/pastry mix is okay (although my OH uses it to make cookies.) Not cheap but (cookies are £2.99 for 8 mini 22g packets) Sainsbury's usually sell a few bits (some have tapioca & buckwheat in it.) Goodness Direct (GD) and Naturally Good Food also sell it. They are from Australia. Barkat is another one in the UK. Their cornflakes are okay (takes a while to get use to) but again please check as they told me some have CC issues!! (usually about £2.49 for 250g!!) Eskal gluten free noodles and vermiccelli are great. Kelloggs have barley in them. For chocolate check with Detox Your World (or via GD.) They have separate ingredients to make your own. Might not be nut free though as some bars they make have almonds in it. Plamil is another chocolate (Holland & Barrett) but also has CC issues with Soy (check with them!) Be Fruity Bars are just fruit bars (although I've been told to avoid due to CC issues you might want to check to make sure.) There are other free from products like dietary specials, whole earth, kallo, big oz but we don't eat any of these due to other ingredients and CC issues (were lactose/soy intolerant here!) Homemade soups are great. Just add lots of veggies and no fillers! You just have to check everything and even if the maker emails back with it's all safe make sure you ask again especially on cross contamination and traces although you might not react as bad as our house!! Ask regards the PPM rate (parts per million) The EU allows for 20PPM for gluten/wheat but don't recognise glucose syrup as it's in a derivative form! Another thing is go to your Dr and tell them about any diet changes and make sure your vitamin levels are okay especially B12, Vitamin D2 and D3. My OH has a book by Barbara Cousins called Cooking Without (blue cover) although I've not read it. I haven't put the links as I was unsure if links were allowed on the forum. I hope this helps and good luck. Bradley
  2. Hello, I've only seen one other post on this and the cough medicines listed aren't available in the UK (or I can't find them!) Is there any cough medicines in the United Kingdom that are gluten (oats, spelt, barley, wheat, rye) free as well as dairy, soy, yeast and aspartame free? I've emailed Covonia no reply yet. And going to call Vicks as no email on their site. We use to use Veno's but their glucose syrup is now derived from wheat not corn! Was told not to have Jakeman's cough drops and Halls said no too. If anyone knows of any cough medicines or lozenges without gluten/wheat though I'd be very grateful. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I'm new here so I hope this is in the right forum. I'm trying to find a toothpaste in the UK which is free from gluten and wheat. Just found out the usual one I use (Arm & Hammer) is now with cross contamination of gluten (Made in UK version not the USA version) Colgate have said avoid their toothpastes due to cross contamintion but didn't clearly state gluten or lactose. Is there anyone who can advise on a safe toothpaste that's also free from sorbitol, aspartame, carrageenan, lactose & soy? (fat chance right!) Thanks for your help.