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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Candida And Dh?

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten a candida skin infection while their DH is clearing? I am still definitely getting DH but I have another rash that I am beginning to suspect is candida. It is not just on places that I normally get blisters on, but in the "classic" candida sites (esp under breasts) Wondering if it is stress related or just low immunity?
  2. Night Time The Worst

    I am learning so much these past couple of months. All the medication did was irritate my skin further (shocking!) I feel lucky to have a PCP that really listened to me and took me seriously
  3. Pcos And Celiac Disease.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about five or six years ago, just recently (2 months ago) went gluten free. I have the gluten intolerant label also, as I went gluten free before testing and then had an incomplete panel done after a challenge. My doctor said they are linked very often, I think most usual to be like me and have PCOS diagnosis pre-gluten anything. If you have malabsorption problems they can be linked to hormonal disruption and ammenorreah. I am sadly learning so much now that I wish I could have known years ago. I gained 40 LBS in one year with no diet change and that was just the beginning.
  4. Night Time The Worst

    I am glad you started this thread! I get really bad at night and was treated THREE times this year for scabies (nobody did a skin scrape to diagnose)before my primary made the gluten connection. I really thought I was the only one, esp. since they assume scabies when you get itchier at night.
  5. Bright Red Skin

    Thank you both for your replies. I do have to admit I am pretty certain it is a different manifestation of DH. I was diagnosed with a "gluten rash" (blisters and all) by my primary care doctor after I had removed gluten from my diet and re-introduced it. I did a six week gluten challenge and she did what I now know to be an incomplete celiac panel. The allergy tests to multiple foods were neg. as was the celiac work. Because I have wonky blood work ups, positive GI response to gluten-free diet, and multiple first degree relatives with auto-immune disorders I do consider myself to have unconfirmed celiac. I am in the process of considering all options work wise. I have thought of going back to school for a nutrition degree, but the economy is where it's at right now and I am my family's only support at this point. I think for now I will also look into getting those masks folks wear to mow lawns... Thanks again for your thoughtful responses. It still feels pretty overwhelming at times. Jenn
  6. Bright Red Skin

    I have been diligently not eating gluten for about two months now, although I am sure I am getting glutened from my job. One thing I have been experiencing is patches of bright red skin that are sometimes raised and sometimes flat. It itches and burns something terrible, but I don't always get blisters with that particular rash. I get this rash a lot on my hands and arms, but also on the front of my knees and on my rear-end. Has anyone else had this reaction when not eating gluten, but still being exposed?
  7. White Blood Cell Count

    I just recently joined this forum and was looking through and saw your post. Have you gone for follow-up yet? My blood counts (white and red) are low. This started last year, before I knew I had a gluten issue. My eye doctor and primary care suspected MS, but it turns out I had extremely low b12 and vit. D levels. I would really have those checked. I have to get my blood checked every couple of months now
  8. Diagnoising Yourself

    I went gluten free before my testing (thinking I had systemic candida for years) so I also had a negative blood result. All my other labs and the past six years of "unrelated" health issues has my doctor also recommending a gluten free lifestyle. My question is whether I should ask for a referral to a nutritionist or RD? I have had B12 anemia and Vit D deficiency for at least two years. I am having difficulty digesting still despite probiotics and digestive enzymes. I have not seen a gastro, my primary has really been incredible and I know she does not think I am crazy or a hypochondriac. Do most folks with the malabsorption issues go to a nutritionist?
  9. Profession Change?

    Thank you for your response. I thought I was losing it when I noticed I was breaking out again. I don't have a definitive diagnosis of anything, although my GP said I had a gluten rash. The rash coupled with several nutritional deficiencies and anemia made her think it was a gluten issue. I am a little worried about looking for a new job as I have the all too rare in cooking world health insurance where I am at. I will try the glove approach and see what happens.
  10. Profession Change?

    Hi all,I am new to this forum and not sure where to post. I have been gluten free for a little over a month and am still feeling poorly. I am wondering if my profession is contributing; I am a cook who scratch bakes at least twice daily and most often three times. I am very diligent about not tasting what I am cooking but I am still getting the horribly itchy bumpy rash on my arms and hands. I have not done anything career-wise except cook and I am worried that I might need to change what I do. The itching is unbearable. Has anyone else found that skin contact causes problems?