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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh?

    She is also ALWAYS complaining of a severe stomach ache (which is a reason the did an X-ray and only saw she was constipated--nothing new) and her stomach problems have been so severe she has cried in pain and missed several days of school.
  2. Dh?

    Forgot to mention...doctors said rash is not eczema and derm said she wasn't sure what it was because it comes and goes and has been an ongoing issue...my mother wasn't willing to biopsy then because my sister was only 7 and my mom is the type of person who would tell you to put a bandaid over your severed leg so she isn't one to rush to doctors for anything even if its recommended.
  3. Dh?

    She gets it on her knees every so often too. Some backstory: she has had the rash for two years now on and off but mostly on...she has suffered constipation since infancy, and her enamel is discolored... Yesterday she stayed home from school because she had a severe stomach ache and interestingly her elbows flared up the same day her stomach hurt and said they itched more than they typically do. She has gone to the doctor and did all sorts of tests minus vitamins which I found odd because both my mother and I struggle to maintain iron and Vit D levels even with supplements. They tested for AI issues and came back well within normal limits...unlike my doctors who think I'm crazy, her docs are moving towards testing her for celiac disease an sending her to GI.
  4. Dh?

    Does this look like anyone's DH? It's affecting both elbows and itches like crazy...this is actually my little sister and she has had flares of this rash for the last two years and it always happens on both elbows at the same time and always looks like this but sometimes worse...
  5. I'm going to risk looking like a hypochondriac with this considering all of my other posts hoping some of the medical people on here cab help me out...but my doctor did some blood work on me (excluding celiac even tho I ran gluten sensitivities by her after my gluten trial and error diet) and she said the findings were normal but the CCP Antibodies in my RF profile came back 26 (weak positive) but the RA Latex Turbid came back within normal limits (8.5). ESR, CRP, and ANA were all negative...could this mean anything? Could this be a weak positive because of a gluten issue? Whether it's coincidence or not, I have had major issues since consuming a large amount of gluten two weeks ago. Any answers and peace of mind would e appreciated!!
  6. Agreed...that's why I was questioning coincidence vs late phase reaction. I posted pics under the DH board if you want to check them out and give me uour opinion?
  7. Hives Vs Dh?

    Hives or DH presentation? Thoughts please! I was thinking hives but it has been brought to my attention DH can present like hives...but can it come and go like hives? They seem to last 30min to 2hrs then fade but others take their place in other areas...this has only been going on since last night and I have not changed one single thing about my eating or environmental habits. Could not get the links to work or pics to load so hopefully the below link will navigate you to my pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/88004869@N05/
  8. I have seriously changed nothing...though I have gone gluten free I have not introduced any new foods or ingredients. I am eating mostly fruits, veggies, rice, eggs, and meats...no new seasonings or anything. We don't have any pets, I haven't changed any detergents, soaps, shampoos, lotions, deoderant...nothing! Hence the reason I'm stumped...I may be looking into this a little too much but even though the allergy tests were non conclusive...the prick for the wheat lasted even longer on my skin than the prick for the control histamine...all others faded quickly. I guess I will get me answer for that next week...in the mean time I'm itchy!! The hives keep coming and going...it's a rather annoying sensation!
  9. I'm pretty certain it is hives...unless DH has a hives presentation but I always thought DH was more like blisters? The allergist also confirmed hives in his office.
  10. I was gluten free for two weeks then had a bunch of gluten filled foods a week ago but have not consumed it since and have had some symptoms that could be reaction or could be coincidence...I don't know. Last night I developed some hives and itched all over, today I have had hives on and off all day...pretty significant in size too... Benadryl took most itching away and held off hives for a while but I am getting them again about 4hrs after last dose. I have not changed a single thing in my diet or household items in the last week other than removing gluten...is it possible this could be a delayed reaction to eating the gluten a week ago?? Has anyone had anything like this? Is it more likely to be coincidence? I went to the allergist and he wanted to skin test me but because I also took Benadryl last night the test could not be accurately read so he wants to retest after I har been off Benadryl for at least 5 days. He figured that would happen but was hopefull because I was actively producing hives in his office. All answers are appreciated!
  11. Celiac/gluten After Pregnancy?

    Thank you ladies!
  12. Did anyone have parenthesia as a symptoms? If so, where?
  13. Had an appt with my doctor today and she said she doesn't think it's a gluten issue because I don't have the typical symptoms and said the my mouth sores are unrelated even if it is a gluten issue because mouth sores are usually a sign of suppressed immune system... Isn't celiac autoimmune and therefore wouldn't it be possible for me to develop the sores as a result of eating gluten and my system going haywire? She started talking to me about the possibility of this all just being stress because my other blood work (with the exception of my iron and vitamin d) is normal...I cannot begin to tell you how fed up I am with being written off as someone with anxiety time after time especially when I feel so miserable it interferes with my ability to e the mom I want to be. After pressing the issue she told me to go to GI and have him order the tests...fine I can do that but it's just the fact that I have been to doctor after doctor and its like they all think it's in my head... I tried to explain to her that I noticed gluten was in a lot of products I use and have been experiencing topical problems...I also tried to explain that I have it up and after eating it I felt like crap and my mouth broke out...I cannot make up these things people! I cannot make myself have gas and bloating, I cannot make my mouth break out with canker sores, I cannot make myself nauseous and belch...these are real symptoms. Perhaps is gluten intolerance perhaps it's something else but SOMETHING is as has been going on with my body and it's NOT anxiety. Can gluten intolerance vs celiac disease be determined through blood work? I've always thought of intolerance being almost impossible to detect unless you just stop consuming it and symptoms resolve??
  14. Celiac/gluten After Pregnancy?

    Christine: what do you mean significant symptoms started after pregnancy #2...did you have a diagnosis prior to that?
  15. Looking For Answers...

    Continuing the symptoms...gluten free for two weeks caved when I went to a BBQ...stomach has been active but no abnormal BMs but mouth is continuing to break out in canker sores and now have horrible heart burn...need to test but quite honestly if gluten is causing these symptoms I really just want to avoid it!!!