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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Microscopic Colitis just means the large intensine is messed up as well, The general cause is NASID products like Advil, Aspirin and Aleve. Thanks for your input, sorry you hade to go through the scope, Maybe they figure I have had a long long time to mess my system up, and there is no reason to check at age 64. The diet will fix it over time.
  2. Here are the my blood test results: IGA Serum =164 Gliadin AB (Demidated) IGA >100 (abn: h) Tissue Transglutam AB IGA > 100 (abn: h) Endomysial AB (IGA) Positive (abn: h) Endomysial AB Titer 1:80 (abn: h) Today I was put back on the pills to help control Microscopic Colitus. They figure I have both celiac disease and Micro to control. From what I have been reading on the forum is not uncommon. Terry
  3. Thanks for all your feedback. I know I will need assistance in the future coping with this. Feeling better, I have less blotting staying away from gluten and dairy. Coming to the realization that it may take a long time for my digestive track to heal. Terry
  4. My dietitian and all I have read says the endoscopy biopsies are required to confirm a celiac disease diagnosis. My GI doctor's office called and said I don't need the endoscopy after the blood test panel confirmed Celiac Disease. They said stay on gluten free (WBOR). I don't go back to see them till Nov. 5th to find out how I am doing. Confused. Terry
  5. Newly Diagnosed With Celiac

    Hi Kitty, My Menier's went away on it's own in 2002. I am inclined to believe mine was caused from herpes simplex 1. Glad your symptoms are gone. The doctors say Menier's is episodic lets hope yours stays gone also. At the present time, I am not going to fault the doctors, maybe I didn't complain soon enough about my digestive track not getting better. Now I am just glad the intestines will heal itself as long as I stay on the diet. Of course it may take 2 yrs to heal at my age. Terry
  6. Hi all, I joined the club last week after the blood tests. Somehow the diagnosis is not shocking. I have been on Endocort for 3 years with little relief. My original diagnosis was microscopic colitis. Looking forward to the relief from following the lifelong diet. Wow label checking is worse then the low sodium Menier's diet, looking for salt was easy compared to celiac disease. No longer have Menier's symptoms. I have a lot to learn. Going to a dietitian on Oct, 1st. Terry