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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Family Doesn't Seem To Care Much

    Everyone hates when someone +1 ups your concerns or issues with an: " I completely understand why you feel that way." Most of the time, people have no clue. I think I might be able to relate - in some sense - to the pain you might be going through; aside from your daily symptoms. My family refuses to believe that there is anything wrong with me; apparently I am totally making up the fact that I suffer - like all of us do - from a myriad of symptoms. The funny thing is: I don't think they'd care either way and would find any opportunity to downplay my daily pain. In this process I have suffered financially. I lost my job and my condo; I am unemployed and living out of my car. I am going to get back into school somehow - I'd give anything to go right now, if finances weren't as bad as they are. The only way to get through the: family NOT caring or showing the least bit of consideration part - is to stop caring what they think; and stop trying to sell them on how horrible this condition is. I had to do this for my own sanity. Either way, they see me as a lazy person. I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I'm tired of arguing and fighting, when that energy could be focused on recovery.
  2. noticed my hair having and orangish-redish tint to it - mainly in the sunlight. Over the course of a few years, my hair has become a brighter orange-red color. Initially, I attributed this to my minuscule amount of Scottish ancestry. My hair has also been falling out; my nicely manscaped chesthair was turning grey at the tips. :/ No bueno
  3. Krystal K. -- As unsupportive the following statement may seem - It's refreshing to hear of someone battling the same issues; mainly due to the fact that I can relate to you. I am 29 years old and have been dealing with hair color change - as one of the myriad of celiac symptoms. I noticed a change in the tint of my facial hair color 5 years ago. I have dark brown hair normally however one day I
  4. Feeling amazingly healthy; like I could conquer the world. Oh yeah and... -Devouring an entire NY style pizza with a pint - Every pasta dish imaginable. -My favorite: Eggplant Parmesan -Hot soups in the winter; mainly Pho ...Holy Sh** I think I'm gonna cry
  5. Agree with bartfull on this one. I had a doctor literally laugh at me for demanding a celiac blood panel. He said: "You're too fat to have celiacs; do you even know what celiacs is?" Had I not been energy deprived - there would have literally been a physical a** whooping served to his pretentious/condescending a**. I wanted him to feel every ounce of pain that I felt over the years of being misdiagnosed. If he/she doesn't take you seriously, fire him - no questions asked! Don't be afraid to tell him/her why you're severing them as your health care provider.
  6. First off -- Let me begin by saying: YOU are an awesome mother! You seem to be going above and beyond to help your son heal from this pestering condition. It is absolutely possible that her is reacting to a diet exempt from gluten. Being the young age he is, he will heal a thousand times quicker than any adult. In young children you can literally see the healing process take hold within a matter of days or even weeks. Adults on the other hand, often take 6 months - 2 years or more to heal from the cummulitive damage over a lifetime. I'm certain that the rest of this forum can attest: YOU are a GREAT mom. Don't be so hard on yourself. I only wish my parents caught mine at that young of an age.
  7. Hives Vs Dh?

    Absolutely positively, hives
  8. I am very adamant about eating unprocessed foods. I eat whole foods; no grains. I don't eat anything that is questionable
  9. You think that's alarming? Wait until GMO's - dominantly -make their way into our food supply. DO NOT buy anything produced through genetic modification.
  10. I completely understand where you are coming from; I had a doctor laugh at me when I said: "I need to be tested for celiacs." He said: "You are too overweight to have it" "Do you even know what it is?" and proceeded to laugh I saw RED and was seconds away from physically destroying him
  11. Anyone have gallstones, sludge or a non-functioning gallbladder (biliary dyskinesia) as a result of celiacs? Did you still have abdominal pain after your gallbladder was removed/post-recovery?
  12. Did any stressful event seem to trigger the onset of your sensitivity or full-blown celiac? Has anyone consequently lost a job, a house, or even a marriage - due to depression or symptoms related to celiac disease? My story: I married my high school sweetheart at the young age of 23. Little did I know - in retrospect - my full-blown gluten allergy was triggered at the age of 22 - even though it was somewhat dormant in me since I was a baby. Long story short -- I went into a deep clinical depression - that was unresponsive to medications - and subsequently my wife left two years later. Fast forward to present day -- I have been let go by various employers because of my lethargy, frequent Doctor visits, and work performance. I had to move out of my condo and and am currently seeking refuge in my car. Please share your story And remember, have an AWESOME weekend
  13. Dr. Oz is a fool! Any MD will tell you this. He is merely a marketing puppet for HUGE corporations. His network is there for the ratings and he is there for the exorbitant amounts of $.
  14. Shadowicewolf - I'm I incorrect, assuming you had your gallbladder removed? If you have had it removed, are you still getting intestinal - or abdomen pain any where in abdomen - post surgery?