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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Losing Hope

    I am so sorry you have to go through this. I know the feeling. I can remember not even wanting to wake up anymore. I went recently to a holistic Doctor who did a complete allergy test on me. When it came back I was shocked to see all that I was allergic to. Did you know that every single symptom you feel in Celiac disease are also the same exact symptom that whey allergy causes.. Yepp Every thing dairy. And everything with whey. I felt horrible finding all of this out. I am even allergic to corn. Cornmeal, corn syrup and to top it all off. Being allergic to all of this and not knowing it.. caused a bodily yeast infection called Candida. I didn't know why i could eat and eat and still feel hungry. But its caused by candida. It blocks all the breakdown acids in your the stomach. So in turn it causes you not to be able to absorb vitamins that you desperately need. So Now I got that evened out as well. Look the point to the whole thing is.. there is hope. You can feel 100 % better. But it is pretty expensive to go to a holistic doctor. It costed me 2 grand for all the testing I needed. I now know the meaning to "you can't put a price on your health" My advice is to find one near you .. find one fast. you can live pain and symptom free. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless. ~Debi~
  2. I Know EXACTLY how you feel. I have yet to have met someone like me until now. I want you to know it can get better.. Much Much better. I promise. I am not only allergic to Gluten.. I am allergic to much more. The worst one that gives me pain all over my body is the Weigh. I am also allergic to bakers yeast. I am Allergic to many fruits and veggies as well. I did not know what I was allergic to until I went to a holistic Doctor. I got the tests back that told me everything I was allergic to. Everything Dairy.. I am allergic to rice of any kind. Corn. Corn meal... I can basically only eat meats and some veggies. But you know what?? I have never felt better since I cut it all out. Another thing I think you might want to ask your doctor is for a Candida test. It is a yeast infection in your intestines. It causes all those symptoms as well. I also have that because I had no Idea I was allergic to wheat. That's what caused it. I was eating and eating it . Now I am getting balanced out. You can to. Unfortunately a regular doctor can not perform these types of tests. Only a Holistic doctor can. I am not going to Lie. Insurance does not cover it. It costed about 2 grand to get the tests and correct treatment. BUT IT IS WORTH IT. I hope this helped you hun. I do not wish anyone to feel like I did. But there is hope..