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  1. I am new to the forum and have learned so much already. Thank you to all who have shared their experiences and knowledge I have a question about a gluten challenge: Does anyone know if 4 weeks of eating gluten light would lead to a false negative on biopsy? I have a positive antibody test (Ttg IGA) and was advised by the allergist that ordered the test to go gluten free. This was approximately 4 weeks ago. I went gluten free but not strictly so. I ate many items which may have been cross contaminated as well as eating out with friends on numerous occasions. In reality it was more like I was eating gluten light. My symptoms improved greatly, but I still had some residual pain. I called my allergist and she referred me to a GI doc. At the initial appointment, the GI says he wants to do an endoscopy. I told him I had been off gluten for a month and asked if I needed to start eating it again before the endoscopy. He said yeah, go back on it for 7-10 days. But that just doesn't seem like a adequate amount of time. Any thoughts? Any questions I should ask the GI before the endoscopy? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or commnets.