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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I understand- no worries. I am pretty muscular as it is. .I love yoga so I may add that back into my routine- it isn't weight "lifting" but it def builds muscle.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I know a higher intensity workout is probably key. We would like to have another child so I'll hold off on starting that kind of routine until after- but for now I guess I'll just keep on keeping on. I got a new scale and being able to see factions of a lb lost is more encouraging
  3. Corn Sensitivity And Pregnancy

    I am not pregnant but I stay away from corn- I test allergic and it upsets my stomach. I also have celiacs so I'm used to avoiding things. This list is helpful: http://www-tc.pbs.org/pov/pdf/foodinc/foodinc_corn_derived_handout.pdf You have to figure out what you CAN eat and then keep snacks with you so you don't get caught hungry and have to scramble. I make most of my own foods. I go to grocery stores like wegmans and whole foods and take my time reading through ingredients and I find what works for me and stick to it. When eating out I stick to grilled lean proteins and veggies. I am sure corn free prenatals exist but it will take some searching through the ingredients on your part bc it isn't a common allergy. Talk to your doctor about the glucose tolerance test- there may be an alternate test you can take.
  4. Yeah I def don't eat too many gluten-free prepakaged foods so I don't think that's the answer for me.
  5. I am def not in peri menopause . I'm 32 and hoping to ttc again soon for #3. There doesn't really seem to be a physiological answer to this- which is frustrating- I'm kinda hoping the thyroid answers it. Unfortunately the weight is not in my boobs- as soon as I stopped nursing they deflated :/
  6. I know a lot of people have the same issue- so it is comforting to know that I am not alone- but I am so incredibly frustrated by my body. Maybe someone can shed some light for me. I was dx with celiacs in June 2012- so I have been gluten-free coming up on 2 years. I was all sorts of vitamin deficient as well but everything seems to be back to normal now. When I was dx I was only 5 months post partum with my second son and I was about 13 lbs above my pre preg weight- with DS1 I gained double and lost it all by 4 months post partum. Since that time I have tried weight watchers (my old standby), Atkins, just plain eating healthy and calorie counting, working with a nutritionist, and it seems like the scale just will not budge. Since being diagnosed I have lost about 7 of the pounds that I needed to. So that is 7 lbs of pregnancy weight loss WITH diet and exercise over the past almost 2 years- at this rate my kid will be in kindergarten before I finish losing the "baby weight". I am 5'2'' with a small frame. For the past 3-4 weeks , I have been eating 1200-1400 calories / day. A good balance of carbs, fat, protein with every meal. About 6 meals per day of almost all fresh/ non processed foods- I do most of my own cooking so I know what I am eating. I am working out (walking at 3.5 uphill) for 50 minutes/ 6 days per week. I am walking 10,000 steps per day and according to my pedometer I am burning more calories than I am taking in. And the scale is not budging. I am not even losing water weight. How is this possible? Oh- and my cholesterol is somehow high though I am at a normal bmi (just not my desired weight, working out, and not eating the kinds of food that would raise it). My thyroid function was fine as of August-/ as were my vitamin levels, I am having blood tests again next week and I am requesting a full thyroid panel- kind of hoping that's the magic bullet. Any guesses? Suggestions? Words of encouragement? Thanks so much!
  7. Gluten Free Protein Shakes

    Orgain shakes are pretty good. Or you can make your own with whey powder and different fruits.
  8. Can Anyone Help Me?

    Thank you! I have eliminated dairy and pretty much all processed foods since I originally posted this because I KNOW something is not right, I am just not sure what it is. I am going to get my vitamin levels tested in a little bit and am going to be seeing my gastro in a few weeks as well.
  9. Can Anyone Help Me?

    I weaned at like 4 months and by about 1 year I had lost all of the 37lbs that I gained. Then I gained back 10 in just 2 months.
  10. Can Anyone Help Me?

    Mother F-er! I am infected with H Pylori... I have a friggin ulcer that won't go away. I am going to see the doctor in a month. I will add this to the list of things to discuss with him. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  11. Can Anyone Help Me?

    Don't flog me, but is worchestire sauce not gluten-free? I thought I had checked it in the past, but I will have to look again when I get home. I am pretty careful about checking things before I use them, but I will def look more closely. The Pop Chips I ate were labeled gluten-free. There is always a chance for CC, of course, but I am pretty careful about it. I can't NOT worry about the weight gain. This is just my issue, I guess. I have always been around the same weight and size and now I am suddenly not and I am not okay with it... and I also don't feel better, so it is not really a trade off.
  12. Can Anyone Help Me?

    Thanks for the response. I guess that is a good point. Not to make excuses, and I am sure other people are in the same boat, but I work full time and so does my husband, and we have 2 young kids and I just finished my second Masters and he finished his first in addition to working, so preparing everything from scratch isn't going to happen. I meant more along the lines of I am not eating crazy amounts of specifically labeled gluten-free foods, like breads, waffles, pastas, frozen dinners, etc. Today for lunch I had organic turkey, ham and provolone with a bit of honey mustard on a corn tortilla. For a snack I had a yogurt with some bakery on main granola. I thought I was eating pretty healthy. I used to eat a salad before every dinner... I should go back to doing that. I cannot eat MOST fresh fruits and vegetables because they make my mouth swell and itch which is somehow related to my seasonal allergies... I forget how. Given that... it is difficult for me to incorporate them into my diet. Do you have any suggestions for that? I can and do eat cooked veggies and fruits- but I know that is not the same. As for the gluten-free at home... that is not going to happen. I have 2 small kids, a husband, and my sister living with me- it is just too expensive and restrictive to cook that way. When I am making something like spaghetti and meatballs for example... I make the meatballs with gluten-free breadcrumbs for everyone, then I make 2 seperate pastas, one for me and one for them, and either jarred sauce like Classico that does not have Gluten, or from scratch, depending how motivated I am that day. I am careful about keeping the foods seperate, and I have all of my gluten-free ingredients and whatnot seperated in the cabinets. I am the only one who cooks, so while CC is a possibility, it is not that likely, at least I don't think.
  13. Can Anyone Help Me?

    It is on my list of things to talk about with the doctor. He sent me an rx to test my vitamin levels months ago, but I never got around to doing it bc I felt better... that was before I started gaining weight like mad.
  14. I am so frustrated because I just do not know what is going on with my body. I feel like my body is failing me and I am not old enough for that to be happening yet. I have a call into my gastro and am awaiting a call back. Let me give you some history and maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. I am 31 years old. I was a gymnast for 15 years as a kid and teen, and have always been in decent shape, worked out with varying intensity and stayed around the same size and weight, give or take 5 lbs. I am the mother of 2. I had one child via natural delivery at 28 years old and one at 30 years old via emergency c-section. I have severe GERD and a hiatal hernia and can really only function with Aciphex daily (dx at 26) or else I cannot really eat and constantly feel like I am going to vomit. I also cannot drink milk, eat ice cream, or anything rich, creamy, or greasy without stomach problems (started in my teens). I can eat cheese and yogurt though. I started noticing symptoms of Celiac after having my second child last year but was not sure if they were simply post partum symptoms or something more: hair loss & broken hair, inability to lose weight, depression, joint pain, exhaustion, worsening and more severe stomach pains after eating most foods, my first 2 cavities ever, etc. I had a biopsy and blood test to confirm that I had celiacs, an ulcer, and several food allergies last May, about 5 months after giving birth. I have been mostly gluten free since June. I say mostly because I never intentionally eat gluten, but occassionally something will sneak in and I end up with a stomachache, achy joints, and napping for 2-3 hours immediately following a glutening. I make a lot of my own food, and do not eat that much processed gluten-free food. From June- November my weight stayed about the same, roughly 5-7 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight (and I was still not at a year post partum). November- December, I suddenly lost the rest of the pregnancy weight and went back to my pre-pregnancy weight (at just about 1 year post partum) without doing anything in particular. I began taking 50mg of Zoloft during this time and adjusted fine to it. My gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. I have had 2 abcesses and staph infections on my face since November, which is odd (they were pimples that turned into infections) My hair is brittle and broken- I have always had great, shiny, silky hair. I have been eating 1200 calories per day and walking briskly, uphill for at least 30 minutes on the treadmill, 5-6 days per week and I have GAINED almost 10 lbs in 2 months. The fat is all in my stomach (which was always totally flat), my back, which is weird, and my arms. I cut back to 25mg of Zoloft per day because I feel fine emotionally and on the off chance it is making me gain weight, I want to get off of it ASAP. Sample of what I ate yesterday: Breakfast- Bakery on Main Cranberry Nut Granola Bar Coffee (KCup) with 2 tsp of International Delight, Dairy Free Creamer Lunch- 3/4 of plain Costco Hamburger 12 Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries 1 bag of BBQ Pop Chips Snapple, Arnold Palmer Snack- 1 snack sized bag of Planters Trail Mix with Peanuts, raisins, and m&ms 3 Joyva Jelly Rings (my vice, Passover candy) 16oz bottle of water while on the treadmill Dinner- Cheesesteak that I made in the crockpot from lean Sirloin (it had Progresso French Onion Soup, worchestire sauce, mustard seed, red pepper flakes, onion, and mushroom on it). I did not eat any bread, or cheese, or any of the home made oven baked french fries that I made for everyone else. Diet Soda Why am I GAINING weight? How many less calories will I need to eat than 1200 to lose weight? Why am I so friggin tired ALL THE TIME? I went to bed at 10, woke up at 5:30 for work and literally COULD NOT open my eyes this morning. Sorry about the whining, but I am so frustated. Thanks if you read all of this any have any advice
  15. New To Celiac Disease And Scared

    I was dx in May and I completely understand your sentiment. It IS really overwhelming and scary at first, but I promise that it gets easier as time goes on. You do NOT have to go out and buy all new foods... you can still eat some processed foods too. You are going to have to spend a lot of time reading labels and making lists before going to grocery stores, but you will get the hang of it.