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  1. Tks I will it's beautiful and sunny in Sydney Australia at the moment and my apartment complex has an outdoor pool that I use for exercise.
  2. Tks Guys I had a good laugh reading the last couple of posts. In regards to swimming I was wondering if the clorine in the pool might have effected my damaged gut. Not actually gluten! If so I might go and buy a lottery ticket if it was bread crumbs in the water. Ha ha.
  3. Tks again Irish heart your comments are very comforting. I m going to take up all those issues when I see the Gastro next. Mark.
  4. Tks guys those tests are exactly as what's typed in the report. I don't really understand it myself the more I read these things the more confused I get! Anyway I will wait until I see the Gastro Dr late next month I'm sick of stressing myself about it all. I actually don't mind the gluten free diet at all and I intend to stick to it for life regardless. I don't feel to bad today it's weird considering I felt fairly awful yesterday with no change in diet. I hope it's just healing I have more good days than bad. I'm glad I found this place.
  5. Tks Irish heart for the quick reply. I didn't think that was possible. It's funny with battling illness over the last year has changed me. I use to consider my self as being pretty tough but this has really knocked my self confidence out the window it's hard to do anything when you don't know how you are going to feel. I guess in the back of iyour mind you feel there must be something else going on how can celiac make you feel so ill. It's very unnerving. Friends think it's all in your head I hope next year will be better for everyone. Tks again.
  6. Hi again everyone I just made an appointment with a gastro Dr for more tests but I can't see him until the end of next month. Just a question has anyone been gluttened by pool water? I went for a swim in my local pool that contains chlorine and I accidentally swollowed a small amount of water. In half an hour I felt very sick with ab pain and diarrhea. It took several hours to feel better. Has anyone had experience with this? I notice with this illness I have become a bit of a hypochondriac sort of reacting with anxiety to everything. Thanks.
  7. Tks for the kind reply I guess I will be a regular here as it's helpful to share experiences when you have an illness, I was a police officer for 20 yrs and developed PTSD. Was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Then physically sick with HP infection and now this it's sort of a domino effect which all appears related. Tks again if I think of any questions I will let you know. Here's to feeling better!
  8. Tks very much for the quick replys. I will certainly look into more blood tests. By the way when I my other general blood tests were done they we're all in the reference range with no nasty surprises. When I had the celiac ones I had already been partly gluten free for about 3 weeks to see how I would feel. Then completely free after the tests were done. I was originally so sick that I could not believe that it was not something really sinister going on. It's been over a year since I got sick so I guess if it was something really bad I would be bed ridden at the least! My appetite is great I'm not losing weight and I don't look sick that's why I think it's hard to get people to believe that you are ill. It's so awful to go from a healthy life to an awful existence. I fo have good days where I feel great then sometimes in the same day I start to feel awful. Eg mild upper ab pain with nausea and anxiousness. I believe I'm not getting glutened but you never know. Tks for listening to me moaning I think my partner is sick of it God bless her. I guess im a member of the club. Mark.
  9. Hi everyone been reading these posts for a while. Just need some opinions on my situation. ( I have posted this on another Celiac forum as well) 53 yr old male no health problems in my life until August 2011 I suddenly became very ill with racing heart,Ab pains,Nausea and Anxiety. Rushed to ER they did a barrage of tests given all clear. They said that I had a panic attack and referred me to my GP for follow up. Over the next few weeks more blood tests, urine, Xray and a Cat scan. All came up normal given a breath test which discovered I had a HP infection. That was eradicated and confirmed with another breath test. Over the next few months felt a lot better but still had mild Ab pains loose stool and anxiety. I also developed several skin rashes that were very itchy that would come and go. Further tests were conducted for Diabetes but was given all clear. I then did tests for Celiac disease. My Dr informed me that my numbers were only slightly elevated but I also have the Dq2 gene. Dr wants me to have the Endo which I'm not keen on unless I have no choice which I'm leaning towards as Im worried is something else going on. I have no problem sticking to the Gluten free diet for life. My Dr is not that concerned as I dont have any red flag signs that indicate something more sinister. But surely I would be feeling a lot better. I have been on the diet for 4 months and I'm very strict with it and aware of CC. The first week I felt great and thought I had found my answer now I'm not so sure. These are my blood test results conducted in Australia if that makes any difference I'm not sure. I mmunoglobulin A. 5.3 g/l (0.60-396) Gliadin IgA Abs 14 uml (0- 20) tTg IgA/IgG 50 u/ml. (0-24) Dq2 gene detected Thanks very much in advance for any opinions. Mark.