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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. sorry everyone, but yes it was an endoscopy not the colonoscopy. I must have been in a brain fog! All my vitamin levels are great! I seem to be back on track this week, must have been a bad run! I know if I am under some stress, it reflects in my stomach. Thanks for the advice
  2. Hi all my Celiac friends .......... I need you all! Ive been close to 2 years strick gluten free diet, after being diagnosed finally after well most of my life, lets say 25 plus years..For my 1year colonoscopy my Gastro told me my Villi was completely healed....I was so happy!!!! ...anyways, I was also told I have IBS and my intestines spaz a lot, causing my D or urgency to go. For close to a month now, Ive had good days and well bad days, lots of D, stomach pain, achy legs, feeling run down ...... and the cycle continues ......... this week has been hell, cramping with anything I eat, D, water D as well, achy legs, and a dull fever ......... I have been driving myself crazy thinking if I have been glutened, stress causing my ibs to be real annoying and feeling that maybe a gluten free diet wont help, to be honest I am scared. I did figure out my cat's food has Brewers yeast (GLUTEN) could I be that sensitive? and no I am not eating it!! Having Celiac disease for me at times feels very lonley ... so many questions and not a lot of answers ......... Please help!!
  3. I have been gluten free for 9 months! 1 year scope coming September and cant wait to see if I am healing................ After close to 30 years of being ill and low weight. Finally told I have Celiac and I am not crazy! I am 5'4" and hanging on to 112............ I know I am very careful, not gluten in my home, all makeup, soaps, shampoos I try my hardest to be gluten free. But I need to know please, is it "nornal" to still have days of diarrhea? bloating like I am pregnant even after a glass of water at times? My GI also told me I have IBS, along with most of the world.....when I stress or anxious the same day or a day or two later I will have diarrhea......could very well be my nerves. I do have to say that I am most definitely a lot better then I was 9 months ago, and my husband reminds me of that when I start to feel low about the days I have diarrhea and bloating or cramps.....it always seems to come in waves ........ feel good......great.....then days when I need an imodium and no matter what I eat I have diarreha!! Does anyone else understand or going through this? I mean I can have quinoa for breakfast, green tea then cramp and gotta poop.......weird! It makes me worry and scared that I am not getting better or I am slowly dying.....sounds dramatic but somethimes thats how I feel. Please help ........ anyone? thanks!
  4. Unable To Gain Weight!

    No....lots of cherries can equal bathroom time I have done that before! Sometimes if I drink it I do bloat, even sometimes after water I bloat! what a world!!!
  5. Unable To Gain Weight!

    You are probobly right about the calories! I just sometimes find it a pain eating on the go or when I am out for the day....I have started Ensure plus calories. You sound like you are having the same struggles like myself!
  6. Unable To Gain Weight!

    Thanks Ravenwood glass, I did read recently to try Ensure plus calories, I looked it up and it is gluten free. I may give that a shot in between meals. Especially if I am out and a bar just wont cut it. I have ate enough bars! I am glad I am not alone. I read your story and I am so sorry you suffered for so long. How did they know your mom had celiac related cancer? if you dont mind me asking........
  7. I have been on a strick gluten free for almost a year now. After close to 30 years of being sick I was willing to do anything to get my life back..My 1 year scope is this September and I am looking forward to hearing I am healing and on the right track.....(fingers crossed) but I am having a difficult time gaining weight. I am 5'4" and 112 - I can go down a few pounds or up but rarely up. Does anyone else have this problem? I would really like to put some weight on, and I have read that you should start after going gluten free but it seems that I cant! It does worry me a little ............... can anyone help or share?
  8. Celiac seems to has taken a toll on my teeth. Constant root canals, brown spots, lines on them, cavities .... just horrendous! It does not help that I am terrified of the dentist! I get terrible anxiety, get all sweaty and have been know to cancel appointments....yup I am a dentist wimp. Does anyone else have teeth problems? Anyone? I have posted before and have been gluten free for close to 9 months diagnosed with Celiac disease. Even though I follow a gluten free diet and am terrified of having anything with gluten in it I still manage to feel like crap mpre days than none! But let's talk about the teeth .............. it is embarrasing and a tad annoying that my dentist may be clueless about Celiac. Did I mention I don't like the dentist?
  9. I cannot wait to get outside in the garden! I find it very therapeutic and enjoy it very much. We are going to do a veggie garden and I am so excited, this weather has been so weird hot then cold, rain then snow .... blah! ........... Love the birds and the Robins are crazy! .....
  10. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Hi Lisa - As far as I know yes, I am very strict due to paranoia I was "gluten-ed" once and it was AWFUL!!! No thanks to that happening again. The only thing I can think of is eating chocolate, some cheese's, peppers or red meat. I usually stick to chicken or fish. This is very depressing. My husband and I have a gluten free home, he can eat what he wants for lunch while he's at work, but yes our kitchen is gluten free. I wonder if I should remove caffeine, sugar? Sometimes I wake up with a bad stomach. Where is that light at the end of the tunnel?
  11. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Hi everyone! I am back! diagnosed September 22/2012 was doing really well until this Christmas, seems like I still do not feel well. Bloating, D, cramps, pains over all my bowels are not well. I have been on a strict gluten free diet, slowly starting eating chocolate again (wonder if its that) and my weight has stayed the same just a slight drop ( I weighed myself this morning) I wake up with a funny stomach or heart burn ..... I am worried I am not getting better and worried I am never going too. Could someone please send some comments before I drive my husband insane with questions!
  12. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Hey everyone! I have been gluten free since Sept 22/2012, but do believe I have been "glutened" twice, once after hot chocolate which btw looked perfect to make, minus the milk of course, but no I was wrong. Wayyyyyy wrong, I also added a tiny bit of "lactose free" cream to it and boy was I sick! omg! the cramps were INSANE.....anyways, I know it was the cream since I have had a really hard time with milk so far. But I can eat cheese? weird! but, seems this past weekend I have been feeling like crap (lol) tired, stomach bloated, sore feeling, not good stools, over all not well. I do believe these are symtoms of being in contact with gluten. My question is ....... I have not felt hungry, I make myself eat, but have no appetite at all! has anyone else felt this way? I wonder if it is because I feel so crappy? Please help! I did eat a "gluten free" loaf my neighbour made for me, but her kitchen might not be as gluten free as mine and that could be where I got glutened from. This loaf was made Friday, today is Monday and for the past few days I am been feeling ill. Any chance it is the loaf?
  13. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Thanks everyone for the posts and JNBunnie1 thanks for the compliment on my puppy, she is adorable and her name is Lola This site has helped me a lot, and I have learned so much and appreciate all the responses and support. Sorry for Really good scratcher - hate to say this but I never experienced the itching skin, but that sounds very annoying!
  14. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    Thanks Lisa - Does lactose free still contain dairy? I have been using lactose free milk, but I do use some half & half in my tea .... that could cause it? oh I am confused!
  15. Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

    I am so happy to have found this site, It's so nice to know I am not alone and the positive feedback. By the way, is it possible to feel great and then have a day of gas, bloating and D? I was feeling better until today, go figure the day after I met with the dietitian! my concern is also my weight, I am 5'4" at 112 pounds....seems like you could talk forever about Celiac! Thanks again everyone!