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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Second Biopsy Done Today

    Lol good question. After the pregnancy is over I'm gonna try a new derm and really wath what I eat
  2. Second Biopsy Done Today

    I'm covered in eczema/ dh blisters... She found a completely untainted piece of thigh
  3. so my first biopsy was done on bad skin and came back as a form of dermatitis-----duh! so today i asked for a second for dh testing and it was done on healthy skin but NOt text to a lesion. what are the chsnces of getting positive results? i went gluten free for 4 days and my skin cleared completly! ive eaten my reg diet and ny skin is itxhy and covered again!
  4. Dermatology Day!

    Well she did a biopsy on a hive/ rash spot. She said she wanted to see what that said and then if need be do Another. I go back in 2 weeks. I might just try gluten free anyways
  5. I am so nervous about my dermatologist appointment today. I guess the only good thing is my skin is lflared up really bad. I do have a feeling that they are going to just say it's eczema again. But I am really going to push for a biopsy.
  6. okay here we go. i think its all neg AB,IGG - 4.0 - antibody detected AB,IGA - less than 1 - antibody not detected IGA 266.0 other thinvs just said normal
  7. Night Time The Worst

    It's my third trip to this derm in a year. She ties to say scabies I'll laugh. I co sleep with my husband and 3 kids.... Someone would have caught it in a year! Lol
  8. Am I the only one who suffers the most at night. I can feel skin layers peeling off under my nail. My skin is burning and stinging and itching all at the same time.
  9. Are These Active Lesions?

    Well I went ahead and made an apt for my GP. I'm gonna get the celiac panel, 100 food allergy panel, environmental allergy panel( which I know I have but I want to see my numbers) Anything else I can request
  10. So I am still trying to understand my skin before I go to the derm on the 16th. As I walk around itching I decide to actually look at what scratching. Are these considered active lesions? Also can a derm order a celiac blood panel?
  11. Since my apt is just a week and a half away I am going to demand a biopsy.! I just need info to brig this derm. I don't want her to screw it up . I'm making a back up apt too with another derm to see what they say. Where does the biosy have to be done? What if I don't have any lesions at the time and just the hives? Will they know what DH even is?
  12. Look At My Pics Please

    Really it's hereditary?? My 7 year old has a lot of stomach pain, we took her to a pediatric gi and since she has no diareah it anything they said its in her head. I wonder if it could be the start of something for her down the road? Just pain to begin and in 10 years things will be worse
  13. Look At My Pics Please

    Well since my derm apt is in 2 weeks I'm gonna keep on going. I can handle 2 more weeks, I've done a year worth of this!
  14. Look At My Pics Please

    Thank you all. This has been such a battle. I never thought I would wake up one day with allr these skin issues and not have a reason. After my testing I will be going gluten free regardless of the results. I tried going dairy free already and it didn't help. I've had some food allergy testing all that came out neg. I may make an apt at another derm just to have it lined up for a second opinion. The itch consumes my day. I don't go outside because of how my skin looks. My last hive outbreak 2 days ago I soaked in a bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar and it was very soothing but the damage was done from all the itching. I wake up with blood from itching in my sleep. Honestly this has gotten me quite depressed. I really hope by result of the biopsy comes back pos. I just want answers.
  15. Look At My Pics Please

    Jenn did they do a biopsy??? I har read it has to be done a certain way...