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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I very much appreciate your replies . I am going to take DS to see allergist and start dairy trial under their guidance .
  2. To clarify, What I am trying to ask is, DS's symptoms, even though all GI, could still be a manifestation of IgE mediated allergy?
  3. Well, was not expecting a judgemental response! Ma'm burnt out is not me! I am very strict with his food restrictions and he is starting to learn it too, but at the same time, it will be nice to have more options that will provide protein and calories and taste. Our GI had recommended trial once a year and they are calling it intolerance and not "allergy". Many children, celiac or not, have MSPI or MPI. We are being more cautious because DS turned out positive for celiac gene. None of the doctors we saw have given us indications of this being a true allergy. We were not even referred to see allergy-immunologist.His symptoms are all GI. Should we be seeing allergist? Can true allergy manifest only with GI symptoms (no rash/eczema/anaphylaxis)?
  4. Thanks for your reply. He is still on Elecare jr. For formula, since he was 7 months old. I know, I was debating whether to trial or not, he is tolerating other things better than before, such as lentils/quinoa. If he doesn't tolerate, we won't do it for another 6 months. Would butter baked in to his gluten-free cookies/ cake a good first step?
  5. My son is 3 yrs old, had severe milk protein intolerance as a baby and could not even tolerate breast milk. This led to GI visit when he was 6mths old, endiscopy at 7 moths old which showed inflamed stomach and duodenum. Negative celiac tests but positive for the Gene. He has been gluten free since and doing much better. I want to trial dairy. Last time we tried at age 2 and he had diarrhea and food refusal for several days. Based on different experiences or doctors' suggestions here, what are some first foods to try with dairy? Our GI recently retired and her partner and nutritionist are not much help.
  6. Thanks, is it okay to just wash off any gluten containing dust ? I mean how safe is that celiac wise? There is a huge choice of grains that are naturally gluten free, but finding something that's not contaminated is very tricky.
  7. anyone use these? it does not say gluten free on it but I read 2-3 reviews on other websites that it is tolerated by people with celiac ds.I could not find any other red lentils taht are labeled "gluten free". Also anyone heard of "finger millet"? this is different form your regular millet and consumed heavily in India especially as baby food.Is it available in US? it is available in Indian store but is not gluten free. Thanks in advance. Mona
  8. My son is 8 months old, we EBF for 7 months, I was on regular diet for first 6 weeks and then on a total elimination diet ( top 8 allergens and some other foods free) due to baby's feeding issues, but still he did not grow at all from 4 to 6 months, we put him on formula at 7 months and he grew 1 inch in 10 days. I don't know if the gluten that passes in breast milk first 6 weeks did the damage or probably cross contination, which I was not too careful about since I had noooo idea about celiac, did the damage. DS is still not diagnosed with celiac but he is DQ2 and DQ8 positive, so I am treating him as celiac and waiting for an appt to see a celiac specialist.
  9. TED is total elimination diet, at one point I was only on rice, squash, zucchini, olive oil, black pepper but it lasted only 4 days as I was losing my milk supply.....gosh this is hard and just wanted to get some perspective how moms of babies this young cope with this stuff.....
  10. Hi Mitzi Thank you for your reply. I was on TED while breast feeding or so I thought, we are Asian Indians and I was consuming spices and flours ( sorghum, millet) from Indian store which there is a high chance they are gluten contaminated. I am pumping to keep my supply and want to breast feed after being completely gluten free which will be 4-6 more weeks since I did consume all allergens on September 26 th.
  11. Hello, my 7 month old son K has celiac ds, even though his GI doesn't want to say it right now, she says K is at "risk" for celiac, but to me it is obvious. Here is our story...K started out great, first 4 weeks were wonderful, then fifth week fussing with breast feeding, had some signs of silent reflux and dysphagia and kept getting worse with refusing to feed, by third month had developed complete feeding aversion.Breast fed exclusively for almost 6 months, where I could feed him only in his sleep as he refused to feed while awake.Between 4-6 months he gained some wt but not height.At 6 and half months had endoscopy, showed gastritis and mild duodenitis with patchy and "mild" villous blunting.we were admitted to hospital at 7 months age for NG tube placement and feeding because he won't take bottles and we wanted to try and hold the breast feeding and see how he does, we had tried for bottle for months and months with no success...anyways, so third day of being NG tube fed the hypoallergenic formula [elecare] he started demanding bottles like someone flipped a switch...he was hungry and wanted to drink his bottles...huge relief for us, we were sooo happy . during the hospitalization also found out that his IgA levels are undetectable and his serological tests including the IgG based one were negative....I was so sure that his symptoms were all from milk protein allergy and thought celiac was a long shot as no one in family has it....boy was I wrong, 1 week after our discharge from hospital found out his HLA typing shows presence of DQ2 and DQ8. So combination of IgA deficiency, abnormal biopsy and positive HLA typing is a clear celiac ds to me but his GI doesn't want to diagnose him yet, just wants us to be gluten free and go from there. What do you all think?this is celiac ds, right? Also since then he has gone downhill some and is fussing again with bottles, I got rid of the prevacid solutabs since it has some milk protein or lactose or something in it and also got rid of gelmix that we were thickening the formula with [gelmix has maltodextrin] no change so far and he has a painful rash around his butt and groins which indicates that he is not tolerating something....I thought elecare is the answer for now...but is he not tolerating that? Any babies with celiac here?I am just having a hard time with this, feel like I am drowning the more I read about this... sorry so long, if you read so far, thank you so much and looking forward to some input from the experienced parents here. Mona