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  1. I would love to be your weight lose buddy. But I might not be the best candidate. I'll explain I have osteoarthritis a little different from your arthritis. I also suffer from chronic pain from degenerative disc disease, from a car accident. Because of the pain, I have been really non-active. Even though I belong to the YMCA . I was going to yoga classes but my pain kicked up again. You can say I have a major lack of motivation. I have only known about my celiac for about the last two weeks. So, my diet is pretty crazy right now. Still am figuring out what I can and can
  2. That is what I thought? How? How can multiple doctors all in different fields tell me it was all in my head. So many different issues, all not real, all made up. For many years I was treated like I was mad, and felt the same way. The Doctors really convinced me after awhile I was the one causeing all of this pain and I fell into a deep depression. I just within the last two weeks have found out that I had Celiac, only after eight years. All I know is there sure is alot of crazey people out there. They just don't know why yet. We will all get through this...we have to. We can let something like the wrong piece of bread kick are ass.
  3. Self-Mutilation

    Pigmi, I wanted to talk to you also about your pain from the DJD (degenerative disc disease). I have been dx'd with this also. I have had less pain & fewer symptoms since going gluten-free. Gluten makes us hurt. it makes our bones & joints hurt. You may very well find that after going gluten-free you will need less pain meds or less strong pain meds. I hope this gets to you, all of my responds have not been going to the actual person. Anyway, Did you find out that your meds started working better, the longer you were gluten free. For the last four years or so I have gone through a number of radio frequencys for my back. It kills the nerves that send the pain but they aren't a forever fix, the nerves do grow back. The burns stop the spasms that the degeneration causes in my back. Right now I am on so "many" meds I want to say about 12 perscription and 15 suppliments. Many I have found out contain gluten, I found out. Some are for the pain but mostly I have a assortment for anxiety and depression. The problem I have had is my meds don't work the way I think they should. I am on the highest dose of everything. My insurance deductable is $2000 and I hit that two months ago. I can't afford to do this much longer. My hope is my meds will start to become more powerful and actually start working the way they are suppossed to. Then I hope I will be able to slowly get off some of them. My thyroid is also super underactive hoping that will also improve also. I heard it might take awhile til I notice a difference, just my stomach is freaking out right now. Let's just say It has been over a week now since I have had a number 2. To much information right, sorry. Also thanks for the correction, This is just so new to me I forget what the terms are for what is actually going on. Off hand, when do you think you started to notice a difference in your mood and pain. I would love any personal advise or experiences from you. I need as much hope that I can get right now. I have been so bummed going through this food transition. Never realized I used food as a crutch for my depression until I couldn't have what I binged on anymore. Thank you so much!
  4. Self-Mutilation

    This is the ocd in me. I swear if you would remove the core, which you mention "I have always thought it might be the actual hair folical" the spot would be going away and healing up the next day. Have you also have found out that this was true?
  5. Self-Mutilation

    Isn't it crazey that all of our skin issues can be caused by some thing so common. Everyonce in awhile I swear I had the same thing like when the first little pimple like bumps would appear I would try to pop them, who doesn't. Nothing would ever come out, but I swear to god it would make a crunch noise. That is when I knew it wasn't a normal pimple, and they would always scar no matter what I would use on my skin. I have used so much mederma. All I know is going gluten free has started my skin heal. I am thankful for this site and all the comments. I finally know I am not going insane. I might even be able to wear a sleeveless, anything again someday. Thanks for your help!
  6. Self-Mutilation

    My problem is aren't the dermatologists supposed to be the ones to diagnose this skin issue? People pretty much have to self diagnose themselves Via the internet now a days. That is why I am so thank full for this site. I had to go to the doctor and say, I think I have a gluten issue because all the side affects I was having fit the bill. Now I just need to find out how to reduce the apperance of all the scaring which has been going on for the last seven years. I am really sorry to hear about your son, I really would have lost it. I was in high school during the whole grunge era, before all the perscription drugs swaping and gangs problems. Then again I live in Green Bay WI, that ia as White Bread as you can get. Hell, we didn't even have the internet yet or cell phones. On thing I have learned during the time I was a manager at Hot Topic, was the more alternative kids that came in were the nices kids I had ever met. A lot would hang out in the store after school just because they got picked on if they hung out anywhere else. It made running the store a little harder but, I was a bit mom and manager. I knew all there names. So many times once parents got brave enough to actually go into the store, not hang out side the door, they found out we weren't so bad. Plus this is when we first opened and the store had a pretty dark look. Many customers would come up and tell me we have some of the nicest, most helpful employees. I hope that, that experience hasn't kepted him down. Being pre-judged for what we look like has always and will probally will always be there. Just let him know there are also lots of people that are out there that don't judge the book by the cover. Doctors just need to figure that out.
  7. Self-Mutilation

    Thank you so much, I am so happy to find this forum. I guess the other day...yes I needed to rant. I am still a newbie when it comes to what I can eat and not eat. Sadly alot of items are hitting the garbage can. I know my taste buds will get used to the new food, but right now I am stuggling with finding food I like. As far as records go, well I just saw a new phyciatrist last week and it just happens that his wife has been gluten intolerent for the last 10 years. So I finally have someone that believes and knows what I am and had gone through. I have my second meeting with him in two weeks, I will definately talk to him about getting my records changed. As far as the narcotics go, I am perminately black band in the state of Wisconsin. I really do not think there is much I can do in that department. I think if I would try to fight that it would make me look like that "drug-seeker". That is ok I guess, I am seeing a pain specialist now which provides me with pain medication. So, I can not accept any pain meds from any other location. It is a Major spot on my record, but I think I will have to live with it. I just hope to see some improvement with other Celiac problems soon. Like my inabilty to absorb any of my medication. But I guess that can take quiet a few months. Now that this allergy is a real diagnosed problem and "not in my head" I can tell my story to all the doctors that once steroe-typed me. I just want to shake them and say have an open mind, do what you made that vow to do. Help people, Not Harm. Seriously thank you and everyone, some times all we need is just a little understanding.
  8. After six years of living with a unknown skin condition I was finally diagnoised with Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. For years everytime I would have a bad skin break out and would go to the doctor, she would shrug her shoulders and send me home with some cream. After a year of going in and out of the doctors office with these spots, she suggested I see a Physiatrist. There is a reason for this. You see at the same time the hunt for the reason of the rash was going on, I was also dealing with chronic pain from a car accident. She thought the rash anxiety related. I was desperate,so I made the appointment. I thought maybe that I might finally find out the reason for all of these sores and scabs I have been cursed with. Well, I was given the diagnosis of Self-Mutilation. I kept trying to explain the cycle in which this skin condition had, he didn't believe me. Now Self-Mutilation is on my medical record, I was the cause of these sores, I made them. I was put into the same catagory as a person that was into self cutting themselves. Yes I scratch at them, but no I do not sit there and dig holes in my skin. Why would I purposely scar my face and body? I used to have perfect skin, I never even got pimples as a teen. I have always have had a rather light complextion, that scars easily. Now I can't go outside with a T-shirt on without people looking at my arms. It is like they do not want me to touch them...like I have poison ivy. I then went to a dermatologist thinking ok, they will know what this is. I told him about my previous diagnosis of self-mutilation, in a joking matter. Like how silly was that. I am so stupid...they didn't even run any tests. They didn't say it out right but I think they were in agreement with the shrink and I was dismissed. It gets worse, here comes the disturbing doctor visit. I found out my chronic pain was due to degenerative disc disease, which I was diagnosed with while this whole search for my skin problem was going on. I was put on morphine for the pain. Now keep in mind Morphine use is now in my medical record. I can't remember what street drug causes skin lesions, crack or meth? or something like that. Now when I would go to the emergency room or to the Dr. for anything they would ask me what the "spots" (that is what I call them), were from. A few people even asked me to see my teeth. Seriously? Because I found out tooth decay is common with meth users. This is the worst experience I have had so far. I go to the emergency room for a pain in my hip and I am treated like a drug addict. They put me into a closed door room and asked me, "what else I was there for?" I looked at ER Dr. and said I can not put pressure on my leg. He again asked me what else was I there for. I also repeated myself again. I was given an X-Ray and the Doctor came in and told me I had a bone spur on my hip. He then left the room no other conversation was had with him. I guess a long story short, after five plus years of having undiagnosed Dermatitis Herpetiformis, I have finally been formally diagnosed by a different dermatologist. I am happy yet so mad at the same time. Years! years! Now I am scared for life. I have gone through hell and why. I have always had all the symptoms of Celiac Disease, yet I just found out about it. I just started my new gluten free diet. I am only two weeks in and my skin is clearing up already. The point of my story is why was I treated this way? Is it because I have tattoos (which are totally messed up now) and peircings. Or is it because Gluten allergies are so often misdiagnosed? Has anyone else had this problem? Are doctors not educated enough on this disorder? I just don't want to see anyone to have to go through the problems and discrimination that I had to go through.