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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I suffered for about 10 years looking back with the last three from hell before I received my diagnosis . Colonoscopy was positive for endoscopic colitis , blood work was always negative, finally after being told " I can't help you " by a neurologist for horrific head pain ... Sever depression and hopelessness ... Finally a positive endoscopy by a celiac GI doctor in NYC. Now everything makes sense and life can only get better! Golden standard is an endoscopy for absolute diagnosis. Don't be surprised if additional food allergies arise along the way, they seem to follow along with celiac.
  2. I've recently started a very restricted diet and the from tips I read I eliminated almost everything . Now it's time to add one item every 3-4 days and see. Had brown rice pasta last night and keeping my fingers crossed. Hoping to keep my "run away train" on track. Keep the advice and tips coming.
  3. My children ask if it will always be like this and I often reply that maybe the fructose and lactose intolerance will let up . Searching everyday for Rx items without corn Mvits too but no luck yet, will keep trying:D Lots of brands and info to sift through ...thanks for the note:)
  4. Thank you for the boost of support, I thought gluten free was hard, corn on top of it is not for the faint at heart. I've eliminated as much as possible, carry around my list of ingredients to avoid and try to cook very simply. Yes, will see my nutritionist in the next week or so as we'll as an allergist. Haven't spoken to very many other people that are dealing with food allergies like these. Reading entries on this site made me realize that I'm not suffering alone. That others have managed to bring themselves back from the edge of the cliff to not only survive but to thrive:D
  5. Love all the support , nice to know I not alone in the search of good food that isn't covered in corn, wheat , soy, peanuts and fructose. Back to basic cooking:D
  6. I thought I was loosing my mind for the 3years prior to my celiac diagnosis, a neurologist shook his head, and sent me on my way saying it's in your head, nothing further I can do for you. Then some dentist were involved , no one could help me with the terrible pain that was in my head. Diagnosed with fractured teeth, surgery done to remove them and the pain would still come back. I called that pain a monster in my head, oh the bad days my children suffered along with me. Finally, after years of suffering all types of symptoms that no one could put together face, head, neck, eye, arm pain, weight gain, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea, exhaustion and sever depression an amazing GI in NYC put it all together. Celiac, Trigeminal Neurologia ,microscopic colitis , along with additional food allergies. Now I just have to figure out what I can eat that actually provides a healthy balance for my skinny body. Such a shame that it takes so long to put these pieces together . Life is too short...
  7. I've been looking for information on multiple food allergies but find it very difficult to locate. Also looking for a brand of multi vitamins that would be soy, corn, gluten, lactose and fructose free. My search today was unsuccessful at a local health food store Mrs.Greens.
  8. Diagionsed with celiac 7 months ago and just learned that I am also fructose, lactose intolerant. I was recently told I was also allergic to corn, soy, peanuts, shrimp and scallops with blood test results by a celiac GI doctor in NY. Any advice on how to approach / manage these restrictions. I am feeing better now that my diet is even more restricted.