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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I sympathise absolutely - previously I have almost made myself sick by eating so much but I really had no idea at all that I was full! I ate a chicken burger and then straight after felt still hungry so I started eating a sandwich and half way through felt like I was going to be sick, it took me a bit of time to realise it was because I was so full but my brain wasn't 'sensing' it at all!
  2. I have always wondered about diabetes, since I was about 13 I've had terrible problems with blood sugar. Sometimes (often) within less than 2 hours after eating I will be shaky, weak, light headed. I always feel like I have low blood sugar levels, so I bought a blood glucose monitor which either shows elevated or normal glucose levels. Sometimes I'll be shaking and very dizzy and weak, but my blood glucose is actually high! I even feel physically sick, sometimes even being close to being sick, until I get some sugar. Doctors won't take me seriously at all, however, I had fasting bloods done years ago which came back normal.
  3. I have just been to have my blood taken, should find out within 5-7 days The doctor seemed to think I may have IBS though. And yes I am eating gluten again, since about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Even less than 2 hours after eating a substantial amount of food i'm physically hungry... rumbly tummy, shaky.
  4. I have a really unexplainable constant need for food... for example I'll have a very large bowl of cereal for breakfast, and an hour and a half later am hungry. Even if i'm not physically hungry i'm still extemely strongly craving food, mainly fatty, starchy, sugary, carby foods. I'm not overweight but have been gaining weight lately probably as a result of this. I did notice that in my 2 weeks being gluten free (2 months ago) the cravings weren't there particularly, but this might have been because I knew most of the delicious foods were off limits! For example I remember I ate some pieces of chocolate and then put the rest away, but on most occasions i physically cannot stop myself eating it all and probably also everything else in sight...
  5. Thanks for the advice I had stopped eating wheat for a few weeks (during which time my tummy was much better) and then started eating gluten again for the test (since 6 weeks ago). Symptoms seemed even worse than before for many many weeks (the bloating and gas was unreal!!) but is settling down a bit now so really not sure what to think. Hopefully the test will shed some light!
  6. Sorry, not a very well worded title. What I mean is, how reliable are blood tests - what is the chance that it would come back negative even if I did actually have celiac disease. Having a blood test tomorrow, hoping it would be a simple yes or no (actually kind of hoping for a 'yes' so i can get on with sorting it out and feeling better/not having a horrible messed up digestive system!). I'm guessing it's definitely not going to be simple though! I read somewhere that not many celiacs actually show up as celiac on a blood test, is this true?
  7. Gluten Free

    I agree, I had stopped eating it for 9 days and then dr told me i had to eat it again for 6 weeks before I could have a blood test/endescopy and when I started eating it again i felt awful, especially the first few days back on it
  8. Thanks for your help am going to try get a Doctor appointment tomorrow Even if the blood tests come back positive would I still need an endescopy? I literally could not go through with it I would just have to be undiagnosed and cut out wheat regardless, provided my symptoms clear up as a result!
  9. Ah that's good Do you think the 9 gluten free days would be enough to mess up the results - should I just wait a few weeks continuing with gluten and then go to the drs?
  10. Thanks will try remain on the gluten free diet. I was only gluten free for about 9 days, previously was on a very high gluten diet and for the last week i have been too. I also have a number of vitamin deficiencies, am very pale and sickly (!) hair/nails breaking/falling out etc, and have autoimmune thyroiditis so i suppose the chances of having it are high. The thought of an endescopy worries me - i have a severe phobia of being sick and anything that would make me gag would be impossible! Perhaps I could have it under general anaesthetic?
  11. For many years I've had tummy problems - extreme (and i mean extreme!) bloating, discomfort, terrible flatulence and feeling nauseous a lot, also very constipated. Doctors just told me I had IBS (even though i never have diahrrea) no IBS medicine/remedies help at all. I went to a chiropractor who did a kineseology allergy test and told me I had a wheat allergy. I cut out wheat and after a week or so my bloating had decreased as had the flatulence and discomfort, but I started to really doubt the kineseology test which has no science or logic behind it, and felt the strong lure of my beloved thick white bread and cereal... so i went back to my wheat-high diet and the symptoms are back with a vegeance. My stomach is HUGE, terrible terrible gas and discomfort and feeling queasy and constipated. The drs say I can have a blood test to see if I am a celiac but I have to eat wheat for 6 weeks. I feel so utterly terrible that I'm not sure I can continue for 6 weeks, its been a few days and my whole digestive system just feels absolutely terrible! Is it likely that I am celiac? - or wheat intolerant? Also if i returned to the dr and said I feel so terrible that I can't possible continue eating wheat for 6 weeks would that be enough for a diagnosis?