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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Sad News

    I miscarried 9 mo. ago, twin girls, at 7 wks (my first pregnancy ever, not planned), am strictly gluten-free, and found your reference to celiacs being 40% infertile to be very disturbing. Could you provide me with any other information that your MD cited? I've done web searches for this before and haven't found there to be heavy evidence on either side of the issue. I'd really appreciate any other info that you were provided on this subject. My ObGyn just didn't know enough about celiac to have any position on this when I asked him. He thought that as long as I was gluten-free, that I shouldn't have anything to worry about. Thanks a lot, Kelly
  3. Recurrent Miscarriage And Celiac

    Thanks kess for the website. I just had a miscarriage and logged onto this referenced site and it looks to be of value to me. I'm trying to believe that my m/c had nothing to do with being celiac. I've been gluten-free since Feb., 2005. I'm an RN and I asked a MD that i worked with if there was any harm to the baby if I accidentally got glutened and he said that the antibodies wouldn't be able to cross the placental barrier. However, that they could cross to the baby through breast milk.
  4. My doctor's nurse ordered my one year follow-up labs wrong, and instead of testing me for Ttg, they mistakingly tested me for IgG. I've been gluten free for one year. In July, 2005 my IgG was at 681, and now it's down to 609. The norm is 694-1618. I'm waiting to hear my MD's input on this. Has anyone else experienced this finding with their labs? I quickly researched this and found that IgG is indicitive of chronic disease processes, and that antibody deficiencies are the most frequently seen immunodeficiency in patients with an abnormally functioning immune system. The cause of the decreased levels of IgG is mostly unknown. At my 6 mo. follow-up EGD and biopsy, there were no signs of inflammation present, and my other labs have consistently moved closer to within the normal range or are now normal. Does anyone have any ideas for me as to why this lab is moving in the wrong direction? --Kelly Langenfeld
  5. Help

    The entire line of shampoos and conditioners by Tosca are gluten-free, I can buy them at my salon, but I'm sure that you could order them on the internet. I'm biased against store brand products. --Kelly
  6. All Crisco oil/shortning is gluten-free, and they make vegetable oil. I buy Canola oil for sray oil b/c it's better for your heart. --Kelly
  7. Hard Cider?

    Woodchuck cider rocks! --Kelly
  8. Depression

    Hang in there Kim. I was really an emotional train wreck (on the inside) after my initial diagnosis and going gluten-free, much worse emotionally than prior to my dx. It progressively got better for me. As far as prexisting depression, perhaps that was gluten related and perhaps not. It's tough to try and speculate if this will improve to the point that you will no longer feel the need for antidepressants. The longstanding effects of going gluten-free for me is that I'm no longer constantly perculating, and that I'm no longer so bloated that I feel like "this is what it must feel like to be pregnant". I haven't noticed any longstanding emotional effects from going gluten-free, but depression and anxiety are certainly shown to be side effects of being glutened. Hang in there and have faith that things will improve. Things will definitely be easier for you after the holiday passes. --Kelly Langenfeld
  9. I love Food For Life Brown Rice Bread. It's sweet and dense, but really good! --Kelly Langenfeld
  10. I haven't had a chance to try the beer that you mentioned above, but I recently have begun to stock Grist (sp?) beer made from Lakefront Breweries in my fridge. I love being able to have a beer again and I can buy this where I live (Racine, WI). --Kelly Langenfeld
  11. Alcohol And Sleep

    I developed a terrible rxn/tolerance to alcohol after going gluten-free. I was always a beer drinker before, and there is a real learning curve to drinking hard alcohol since my diagnosis in 2/2004. I almost gave up drinking altogether. There were too many bad weekends to count d/t drinking Bacardi and cokes after my diagnosis. But, what I found is that you just have to be patient and rule out what you can handle and what you cannot. I can handle Absolute or Sky vodka, Woodchuck cider, and the new Ghrist (sp?) beer made from sorgum from Lakefront breweries. I don't have the adverse rxn that I used to when I drank other things. Just something to think about. --Kelly Langenfeld
  12. Depression

    I've been strict gluten-free since 2/2004 and I notice (looking back) a slight depression since being diagnosed. It 's better now, for the most part, but it definitely took approx. 3 mo. to clear the worst of it. I haven't noticed any correlation between mood swings and gluten. I'll have to pay closer attention to this. I attribute my mild depression to the major life change that I have made this year with becoming gluten-free. It's altered every aspect of my life. Now that I'm coming up on one year gluten-free, I'm doing a lot better with the whole thing. --Kelly Langenfeld
  13. I'm Always Tired.

    I can relate to being tired all the time. It has gotten noticably worse for me since going gluten-free in 2/2004. I'm a vitamin junkie, including Co10 daily. I agree that when I exercise I have more energy and feel better, but that's probably the only thing that I have found to help. I hope that this desire to indulge in lots of sleep starts to taper off one of these days, b/c it does really cut into your life. I've had my thyroid checked, as well as all blood work. --Kelly Langenfeld
  14. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Anyone out there from Racine, WI? --Kelly Langenfeld Diagnosed 2/2004 blood & biopsy
  15. Miralax

    Try calling your local Walgreens pharmacist and ask them to help you find the contact number for the manufacturer for Miralax. That's how I researched all of my meds. They're really helpful there. It takes a few days of phone tag with the manufacturers sometimes, obviously. --Kelly