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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all the information. The reason he said it was IBS based on blood work was because he thought diabetes was causing constipation, and once he ruled that out, I guess the only logical conclusion is IBS? I'll be sure to ask for all the celiac tests!! I'd hate it if he only did one and it was negative and he brushed it off. And I had a thyroid test a couple of years ago which was normal, but I'll ask about that, too, since health is always changing. I'll be sure to update once I get all the tests done. Thanks everyone so much for the help!!!
  2. Well so far he's only run a comprehensive metabolic panel and the fast blood glucose. I'm waiting to get a copy of the results, but I'm pretty sure that he hasn't even tested for celiac yet. It took me a long time for him to do tests, and when my blood glucose ones came back normal, I think it convinced him it's just me being too sensitive or picky. I'm going back in a couple weeks so I'll ask him about celiac, I just don't know if he'll even believe me. However, at a previous appointment he was considering sending me to a gastroenterologist- would they know more about celiac?? I can only hope I'd have more luck with them. At this point, even my boyfriend and family are getting annoyed with my constant tiredness. When they thought it might be diabetes, I was almost relieved- at least THEN I'd have a diagnosis and would know it's not all in my head. Also, I've thankfully not often experienced the D side of IBS. Also, are the tests they do for celiac all blood tests (except the endoscopy, of course) ? My doc doesn't mind sending me for blood tests- as evidenced by the repetition of glucose tests.
  3. Hi- I'm new here, but I'm struggling to find what's wrong with me. For the past year, I get extremely fatigued after eating (within 2 hours). It's gotten to the point that I can't keep my eyes open, I can't even sit up sometimes. It's worse after I eat things like pasta. Recently, I was 'diagnosed' with IBS-C (chronic constipation). By 'diagnosed', I mean that the doctor did a blood test and said it came back normal, so I had IBS-C. While I agree that IBS-C describes what I have, it doesn't explain what goes with it. I also had blood tests done that revealed low potassium, as well as a couple other vitamins (don't remember which ones). At first they thought it was Diabetes because I had elevated blood sugar, but that went away and they confirmed it was a one-time high after 3 normal fasting blood sugars. I have a lot of hair loss over the past month, which is the same time that I've been having worse and worse fatigue after eating. They did a thyroid test, which came back normal. I'm getting so frustrated- I dread dinner every day, because it's the worst meal of the day for me. I used to just get by with a nap at night, but now I'm starting to dread lunch and breakfast, too. I am starting to experience generalized muscle weakness, and when I mentioned it to my dr a couple weeks ago he said it was probably unrelated and due to poor sleep quality or stress. Then a few days ago, I stumbled across some info that said celiac and IBS-D and -C are often times co-occuring. While just a few studies doesn't mean I have it, there are some things that are lining up- but I don't know how or what to ask my doctor. Any suggestions?