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  1. Yes, I am having to be pretty careful with the elastic. Any rubber I am leery of...(You are right--there are 3 different "rubbers" that we can react to. Most common--elastic, rubber gloves, goggles & of course, my fav: the cell phone cover! I have some very heavy duty rubber gloves that are lined too--then, I wear my little white 100% cotton gloves inside of them with the tops of the gloves over long sleeves. In an pinch, this has worked, and it has not caused me problems! I am guessing if you have similar high quality gloves with a lining--that you might be ok!!! (I hope) Thank you for the input--I will be looking for 100% cotton everythings! :lol:
  2. How Do I Use Multiquote? Help Please.

    :lol: I Sooooooo Appreciate you all! So, since we are confessing...want to know why my info and pix is blank???? Yep, I am betting you all guessed it. I have not figured out how to get the info onto my LJ site! :D
  3. I recently went to the dentist for a regular check up. My Dental Hygienist asked about my diet--because my gums were not as healthy as 6 months ago. When I explained the gluten-free diet--she said that the protein that we tend to eat more of (i.e. meats) actually causes the "germs" in the deeper pockets of the gums to grow faster...the teeth themselves are affected by sugar--but the gums (and the yucky germs) thrive on the proteins that we tend to eat more of! Just a thought to the dental issue... Her advice: Floss more because the meat gets in the pockets of the gums So I am trying to floss, floss, floss!!!
  4. I too have rashes--have for awhile. It definitely got better when I went gluten-free, peanut free, and although I don't do the "low iodine diet"--I do not add *any* salt (or spices) to food...I only use pepper. At first, I thought things tasted bland--now I like it. When I do eat something that hubby fixed with salt--my rash gets more inflammed. Another thought--this may or may not apply to anyone but--we can have other allergies that give us crusty, itchy, scaley, bleeding and oozy rashes. I found out my cell phone cover (rubber) was affecting my ears/neck/. I changed shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, and laundry soap a long time ago--but still had the rash on my neck, ears, forehead. It appears that contact allergies "spread" and go "further" than just where the contact of it is. Now, I am working on getting rid of the rubber in my house (easier said than done)--cell phone case is gone--and in almost two days my ears are better since getting rid of it Shhhhh But, I still have a rash on my forehead--Guess where I found rubber elastic??? Last night--on my shower cap that is right where the rash on my forehead and scalp is (I also lost hair there too) Sooooooooooooo, I am skipping on the leeches and buying a new hairbrush (new one with no rubber on it) and looking for something to cover my hair at pm for when I wash my face... Today!!!
  5. Thanks RiceGuy for the links--It is true, I cannot eat avocados, pears, bananas, apples, chestnuts, tomato--and several others that seem to be intertwined with each other! Rather confusing for me to grasp--the one thing that I do get is that I was just determined to be allergic to rubber--also intertwined with latex on some level or another So Vitamin C is a problem for me to get. I do have one that was a gift that is 100% Ascorbic Acid (i.e. Vit. C)--with no citrus (also allergic to) nor anything else except "pure Ascorbic Acid". Manmade--but the "natural foods of Vit. C" are "killers" for me! I react to most of the natural fruits that are high in it....(I am trying out Blackberry's--slowly but surely) Anywho, I am hoping that the Vitamin C works for me since my body won't absorb the nutrients I need without some Vit. C!!! Did not mean to get off topic here--but wanted to add that info....
  6. I did want to share one incident however--I was required to do the Hepatitus series of vaccines for my employment--which I did. Then, one year later, I get a letter in the mail stating that the Hep series I went through was not correct--and that I had to do them *all* over again! (3 shots spread over a bit of time). Needless to say, it made me leery of how accurate the vaccines are...Just a thought Do I believe in the vaccines, yes...however, I do wonder how they might affect us!
  7. Thank you for your thought out answer!!!!
  8. Oops, my first try at multiquotes--It did not turn out so well! I hope you all can make sense out of it! On the up side--I have found that the shower cap is causing the rash on my forehead--My brush has rubber on it--and every time I use it have been itching--Time to find replacements for those two things.... The undies problem that 1desperatesaved lady suggested is a good one--Just overwhelming to think about it. As in how do one go about doing that for bras? Anyway, I am feeling better--and problem solving my way through this maze of allergy gunk! FP is right in that I probably have more lurking around--but right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed just by the rubber allergy. (Do you know it's on rubber kitchen utensils???? Those I can avoid--but it is amazing where all the rubber is....including my one small make-up applicator for eye shadow!!! Forward and onward...at least I know of one source that has been bombarding my skin! :D
  9. Hi FP, I don't know...I am feeling a better about the rubber allergy today--not so gloomy Now I am figuring out where all of the rubber is in my house.... I don't know about the testing. (Although he did say If I had strong reactions I could take them off)...I will keep thinking about it! I know that I hate surprises that pop up on me--but I would like to clear out the elastic issue/rubber problem first! Thanks for the feedback--as always!!!! Hi--Diane? 1desperateladysaved! I tried to find your blog--but couldn't -- (I am IT challenged)... Ohhhhh, 100% cotton elastic to be sewn in all my undies???? I am still working on the easy ones!
  10. How Do I Use Multiquote? Help Please.

    Very Nice way to make sense out of the posts! I Love It!!! It *is* easy!
  11. How Do I Use Multiquote? Help Please.

    Hi, still practicing... LOL! :lol: A quintuple quote! I *Love* It!
  12. How Do I Use Multiquote? Help Please.

    I found these instructions--(I am IT challenged), so I hope you all don't mind if I practice! Thanks!
  13. Hey RiceGuy, I find your articles and input *very* interesting! I am having severe problems with allergies that at first mimiced Celiac--I am gluten-free, but also allergic to peanuts and eggs. (A much longer list, but no need to be boring) I found that when I was "required" by my employer to have the influenza vaccines every year--that I also had an immediate reaction similar to what is described. I also got the "flu" within a short time that was always severe. I quit getting the "flu vaccine"--and have not had a case of the "flu" since. I am around alot of people--but try to wash my hands often because of possible cc from various things! I recently had an Anaphalactic Reaction to Avocados--scared the heck out of me.... Do I believe that *all* of the information is printed??? NO! Your articles are recent--I looked as well at the dates. All written within the last 5 years, which is the "norm" for pertinent information in the healthcare world. I am still thinking about your thoughts--pretty interesting stuff, eh??? Thanks for sharing it here!
  14. Hi FP! Thanks for responding...The banana leaves are out true! I have tried the Nu-Skin product--might help but there appears to be a "referral response" to outward areas around the elastic. Like the cell phone cover, it was primarily on my ears, but also behind and under my ears down toward the neck. Uch. Any thoughts about the chemical testing? I do like the link you referred me to....Very interesting. I am going to re-read it. It fits me to a tee from what I can see!
  15. Hair Color

    I am blonde--but had alot of reddish tones when I was young...Some grey hair--so I use hair dye to match my regular color now. Although I am not dx with Celiac--I have many issues (past and present) that Celiacs also have. Our "sensitive" nature to the world around us maybe?