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  1. I am making arrangements to get my bloodwork done this week, but I have a couple of questions. I have health insurance (thank the good Lord), but no PCP, so I am opting to pay out of pocket for testing. I guess I'm leaning toward Healthcheckusa. I saw it mentioned on this forum many posts back. Can anyone please tell me if this place is legitimate? Kind of sounds too good to be true that you don't need a doctor's order to get labwork, espcially when you're wanting a Celiac panel. Also, I've never had my vitamin levels checked w/ the exception of an iron test about four years ago, when I was diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism. Don't know if it was B12 or another iron test if there is one. Anyway, I'm almost positive I'll be deficient in D due to inadequate sunlight and milk (lactose intolerance). With the test I'm looking at, they offer the B12 and I think folate and complete CBC as well. It's a profile nutrition test or something like that. I'm wondering if I should get my vitamin/mineral levels checked before doing the Celiac panel or the other way around? Finally, to the subject at hand, has anyone else developed hypopigmentation of their skin. I have developed these white patches on my legs over the past year. I googled this depigmentation and found that it is likely one of four things, a fungal infection, leukopenia, vitiligo, or a B12 deficiency. Have any of you had this before? Just curious what your diagnosis was and if it was related to Celiac or not. Thank you for taking the time to read this and/or respond!
  2. Thank you, ladies or gentleman?! I think I will pursue getting the full panel of blood work this week! Be blessed!
  3. You had mentioned in your first post that your physician diagnosed you with IBS based on a blood test, so I had assumed it was a Celiac test. I'm sorry for the confusion. Wonder what test it was? Apparently not all gastroenterologists are aware of Celiac Disease. Mine certainly wasn't. He never even mentioned the possibility of Celiac Disease. No blood work or biopsy. I was diagnosed on the basis of a clear endoscopy and colonoscopy, but he didn't take any tissue samples during my upper scope, so how can I know for sure? I guess that's why a lot of people are initially misdiagnosed with IBS. I personally believe IBS is a symptom, not an acceptable diagnosis. As a general rule, gastroenterologists specialize in diseases of the digestive tract. Maybe you'll get a good one! If your TSH was w/in normal range, please consider getting a thyroid antibody test too. That is, if that hasn't been done already. It can show you if you are producing antibodies against your thyroid, which could be causing your exhaustion and hair loss. Of course, celiac w/ its associated vitamin deficiences can probably cause these symptoms. I've heard others on here refer to IBS as I Be Stumped, which I absolutely love! I like to refer to it as Idiotic Bull S***!
  4. Thank you for the link and additional information!
  5. Hey everyone! I am glad to have stumbled onto this site! I really appreciate the wealth of information and the sense of community here. I am a newbie and have posted under a few different topics already. I hope to not repeat myself, but I wanted to share my personal history to see if any of you think my symptoms/diagnoses (please see my signature or other posts) warrant testing for Celiac Disease or not. I am a 34-year-old female, but my health started to deteriorate 7 years ago. In late Sept.'05, I developed what I thought at the time was a stomach virus. I had pretty intense abdominal pain that radiated to my back and diarrhea. I purchased some Imodium and went about my day. My symptoms lasted throughout the day, only to stop the next, and then return again. My symptoms continued so I consulted a gastroenterologist. In Jan. '06, I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. I was diagnosed with IBS. I left the office with a pamphlet and a RX for Hyoscyamine. My abdominal pain and diarrhea continued for the next seven years (until present day). I finally discontinued the Hyoscyamine in Aug. '07 due to its ineffectiveness. I might as well have taken a placebo. I was diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism in Oct. '08 and put on Synthroid. While I am thankful to have had an astute physician recommend testing my thyroid (I know some women aren't as lucky), I am frustrated that I do not know the cause of my thyroid disease or my IBS. I am curious to know if it is Hashimoto's or not and furthermore whether gluten is the culprit. I have developed additional symptoms over the years, namely unidentified rashes, unexplained bruising, acid reflux, and lactose intolerance. I am slightly overweight and experience constipation as well, but my view is that w/ having an underactive thyroid, these symptoms don't negate Celiac Disease. My latest complaint is sciatica-type back pain. Let's just say my heating pad is my new best friend! What brought me to the suspicion of Celiac Disease or even gluten sensitivity again is that I picked up the latest issue of Woman's World magazine due to the headline grabber, "Sluggish Thyroid?" Inside it stated than an underactive thyroid might be due to an undiagnosed gluten or dairy sensitivity. I have two young daughters and I want to know if there's even the remote possibility that they have a chance to develop this disease. It wouldn't hurt to have some validation either. I know it seems like I've made up my mind, but after years of being treated like a neurotic nutcase, I suffer from self doubt. I would so appreciate any advice/suggestions any of you have to offer. Many thanks for taking the time to read my novel!
  6. Thank you for your input, mushroom! At about the same time that I developed the singular lesions on my buttocks (about a year ago), I developed sublingual gland swelling as well as a bump on the way-back of my tongue. I went to my physician. She gave me a referral to an ENT and had the nurse practitioner give me an injection into my buttocks. The nurse asked me if I had a staph infection. I had just acquired the lesion, so I told her I didn't know. I know that these lesions on my booty could be something other than DH. I have now had these lesions for a year. They come up one by one, last for several weeks, and finally fade. I do have a slight purple mark where they used to be. I'm just wondering if a staph infection would spontaneously disappear without the aid of something? The rash on my inner thighs has been there for three years and it itches like crazy when it's active. I was given an antiviral and an antifungal, but nothing touches it. The physician ruled out scabies by visual examination only. I would assume it would've spread by now (three years later) and surely someone else in my household would've contacted it had it been something like scabies. I don't know. I could most definitely be wrong. I'm sorry your husband has DH.
  7. Thanks for the link! I have googled images of DH before. Some of the rashes differ even in what they have pictured under DH. I would say that I do not have the classic presentation of DH. I do not have water or fluid-filled blisters. My rash changes in its presentation, so sometimes I think it's one thing, sometimes another. The rash on my inner thighs itches like a mother. It also burns when it is fully active, but that could be because I scratch so much! It is currently in what I refer to as remission. It, like my gastrointestinal symptoms, seems to have periods of flares and periods of remission and although I have daily abdominal pain, it is mild in comparison to what I call my flares of gastrointestinal upset. I can't explain it. I have a lesion on one of my buttocks and the purplish spots, which are the remnants of the other lesions, on the other one, but I'd be terribly embarassed to upload pics of my booty! When the itchy thigh rash returns, as I'm sure it will, I will most definitely take pics and upload them. I've had it for three years now! That's why I put unexplained skin rashes on my signature. It's just one of my lovely symptoms. I do hope you will one day no longer be squirmingitch!
  8. Welcome fellow newbie! I'm sorry you are feeling so terrible! I can totally relate to what you're going through though. I was also diagnosed with IBS following an endoscopy and colonoscopy in January '06. I thought IBS was a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning they rule everything else out first. Not so in my situation! No bloodwork, no biopsy, nothing but scopes. I tell you this because some physicians can miss things when trying to find out what is wrong with us. I agree with the other posters. You need to get copies of the labs that were drawn, both your thyroid and celiac. It's possible you didn't receive the comprehensive celiac panel. If so, you could have a false negative. Like you, I was diagnosed with hypokalemia, July 2007. Did you have episodes of diarrhea too? That could explain the hypokalemia and gluten could very well be the culprit. That was the case with me, the diarrhea. Also, the exhaustion and hair loss you describe, you could very well be speaking on my behalf. In October '08, I went to see my physician due to a growing fatigue and hair loss. I thought for sure I had anemia or cancer, something. It was that bad! Anyway, the physician agreed to test me and after examing me, she suggested testing my thyroid as well. My iron levels were w/in range, but my TSH was 14.6. I have been on Synthroid every since. Like the celiac panel, a comprehensive thyroid panel needs to be ran too. Did they check your thyroid antibodies? You could very well have a TSH within normal range, but be producing thyroid antibodies and that could be causing your symptoms. I still have yet to get my antibodies tested. I didn't mean to make this post about me. I just want you to know that you are not alone. You can't be dismissed without being properly and thoroughly tested. I hope you are able to find out what is going on soon so you can start to feel better!
  9. Thank you for arming me with such great information, squirmingitch! I can see how you came up with your username!
  10. Thank you, ravenwoodglass, for taking the time to respond! I am not currently gluten free and have never been. I want to get the bloodwork done before cutting out gluten. I am thinking of bypassing the doctor and ordering the comprehensive celiac panel through healthcheckusa. It would save me the hassle of visiting the doctor, possible doctor's dismissal, etc. Please forgive my ignorance, but when you speak of iodine, are you referring to salt? I hope that this day finds you well!
  11. I'm curious to see if anyone can relate to my skin issues. In September '09, I developed an intensely pruritic, symmetrical rash on my inner thighs. After trying and failing with at-home treatments, I went to the doctor. She mentioned shingles, but I told her I've never had chicken pox. She prescribed me an antiviral and an antihistamine. I finished the RX, but it didn't phase the rash, so I went for a subsequent visit. She then prescribed Nystatin, a topical cream (again, didn't phase the rash). She recommended I consult a dermatologist, but without health ins. and paying out of pocket at the time, a dermatologist was out of the question. No one else in my household has had any type of rash, it hasn't spread, and I can't pinpoint it to anything in particular. The rash comes and goes and its presentation changes as well, much like my bowel movements/abdominal pain. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of it. Three years later (present day), the rash persists, as do the gastrointestinal symptoms. I'm perplexed to say the least. Just last year, I developed a single lesion (completely different than the other rash) on one of my buttocks. I just assumed it was a spider bite or something. Over the course of the past year, these lesions still appear in singular fashion, last for several weeks, and disappear, leaving behind a purple mark. These lesions do not itch and like the rash, they come and go. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any suggestions or ideas what could be going on?
  12. My former gastroenterologist stated that my colon was quite twisty and turvy and that this was indicative of IBS! Medical jargon, you know.
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