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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My 18 month old fell down the charts both in height and weight. Her gi ped said they look for them to grow in height to ensure the diet iIs working. I'd try to see a gi ped.
  2. My daughters constipation got better after 2 weeks but only with the removal of dairy. Seems like whenever I give her dairy she gets constipated. Not sure if she will ever be able to have dairy. Did you remove dairy? Or only gluten?
  3. It took us two weeks to notice an improvement. She gained 2 lbs over the first month. Eating was better, mood was better, more active, happier, definitely more energy! I think she is still healing though. It's only been 2 months and she is 20 months so we are also dealing with the terrible 2's. It's tough to know what the full extent of Improvement in behavior is!
  4. These are all the symptoms my daughter had! I didn't know about the walking, my daughter does that too. She was very constipated, we had to give her miralax and then she would have awful blowouts. I thought she might be autistic because of the behavior. I wonder about the vitamin d deficiency though...now I'm worried!
  5. Anyone done genetic testing for celiac? My daughter has it and I'd like to have my son tested to see if he has the gene. My insurance doesn't cover it. How expensive is it? Is there an at home kit? Any experiences with it?
  6. Milk

    Hi, I asked my dr a similar question. The milk does not cause further damage or slow down the repair but if they develop temporary lactose intolerance it will just create discomfort and it will be hard to tell if they are getting better. My daughter is currently lactose intolerant, if she consumes dairy she gets really fussy and irritable and uncomfortable. If your son seems to tolerate it fine then there is no need to remove it from his diet. The milk isn't causing the damage, it's just so hard to digest that those with a lot of damage experience pain when drinking it. Once the gut is healed the pain goes away (in some/many cases but not always). Good luck! I wasn't seeing much improvement on my daughter, but once I cut out dairy I noticed a lot of improvement. If you are noticing improvement without cutting dairy I'd keep it. No gluten and no dairy is hard!
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for a soft, chewable gluten-free multi-vitamin for my 18 month old? I found one but it's hard and she doesn't seem to like it. She has a probiotic that is softer and she will take that. Thanks!
  8. I think they checked for anemia...definitely thought no J1 diabetes. She is slowly showing improvement now. She is acting better but still pretty picky with her eating. Hopefully her appetite will come back soon. Although she's always been a finicky eater.
  9. Also, do most people recommend everyone going gluten free? So far she is the only one who has tested positive. Poor thing. We are trying to focus on whole foods for now. Although she does have processed gluten free snacks. Thanks for the help and advice! So stressful, I wish it was me instead of her:(
  10. What about cooking on a grill? We are only putting salt and pepper on items that we are grilling but could there be remnants of gluten from previous cooking?
  11. My 18 month old daughter was diagnosed a week ago with celiac. We started her on a gluten free diet immediately. However, a week later she is showing no signs of improvement. She is very lethargic, little appetite, fussy, clingly. She lost weight before we diagnosed her. I'd be surprised if she hasnt lost more:(. I'm so worried about her. Is this normal? How long before you noticed a difference! I've seen so many posts where it seems like improvements are noticed within a few days. How can I be sure there is nothing else going on?