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  1. So I went to kneaders and asked if they had any gluten free products. They said they had some gluten "friendly" items, whatever that is supposed to mean, and they also said that their eclaires were gluten free. I was excited about this, until I asked how they made them (in kneaders factory/got them from somewhere else etc.) They said that they were made by kneaders and that they were made with normal flour (containing gluten) but that they baked them at a higher temperature so that the gluten would be baked out of them. I just found this to be ridiculous. So I did some searches on if heat can kill gluten. From what I found on this forum, "It has been suggested on here that if you "cooked" the gluten at 600 for 1/2 hour, you could destroy it." I'm assumming this is talking about cleaning to get rid of gluten so that you could safely cook on appliances that had previously been used for items containing gluten. If you cooked an eclaire at 600 for 1/2 hour they would be charcoal. Does anyone have any sources they could share for information in regards to this. I do not like that they are advertising a gluten free item that they make with normal flour containing gluten. Had I not asked how they make their so-called gluten free eclaires I would have purchased and eaten them.