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  1. Panera/st. Louis Bread Co.?

    Alrighty, thanks
  2. So although (at least to me) it sounds laughable that a restaurant whose specialty is delicious bread would have safe options for Celiac/gluten sensitive people. But I'm going to one in a few days to meet up with some non-Celiac friends and thought I'd ask. Before my body was completely detoxed of gluten, I ate at Panera a few times and got soup and salad, making sure I didn't get bread or pasta with it. But now that I'm completely gluten free and am pretty sensitive to teensy little bits of gluten, I'm more concerned. Has anyone had a reaction to pasta-less soup and salad at Panera/St. Louis Bread Co.? Or good experiences? Thanks
  3. That's a good idea; I'll try and get my own things - I am definitely counting down the days to moving out and living in a gluten-free, safe place! haha. Hopefully I can find a good doctor who knows about and understands all this so I can get an "official" diagnosis if needed for college! there must be some good ones out there! That is so scary about the risks of getting glutened from facilities and equipment w/gluten on or in them! I clearly need to stop taking risks - it's definitely NOT worth it. Aww, thank you, that made my day! I have some other, rarer diseases alongside this possible Celiac, so I've learned to research things myself rather than take what a doctor says as absolute truth! Alrighty! Thanks for your input! My vit D level was the lowest my doctor had ever seen - she was shocked! I've been on 10,000 IUs of D3 a day for about 5 months now and last month my level was up to a 74!! Thanks for letting me know about the "filling the tank" info - I think I can probably go down to a lower dosage now, but I'm still scared that it'll drop that low again! Perhaps I'll ask my doctor Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks so much, both of you Alright - here are the results. The doctor tested a LOT in my opinion! haha. Non-fasting Insulin: <3 - depressed ( normal = 5-20) Progesterone: 16 - depressed (normal = 22-100) SIgA: 8 - depressed (normal = 25-60) Gliadin Ab, IgA: 21 - positive (positive = >15) IgG: 814 - low normal (normal = 724-1611) IgA: 169 - low normal (normal = 55-377) Vitamin D: 4.4 - deficiency (normal = 50-100) TT. IgA Ab: 1.6 - normal (normal = <20.0) TT. IgG Ab: 1.5 - normal (normal = <20.0) There were a LOT of other vitamins, etc tested that were normal. I just listed the things I thought might be relevant Thanks for taking the time to look over this!
  5. Alrighty, so this is my first post....I'd love y'all's opinions on this! I am 17 and about six months ago a doctor ordered several blood and saliva tests. The blood tests came back negative for gluten antibodies, but I was serum IgA deficient. The blood tests also showed that I have a lot of gliadin antibodies (I think my level was a 24 and the highest normal was 19). I was also extremely vitamin D deficient - my level was a 4 with normal being at least 50. My doctor declared me "gluten sensitive" and said I definitely did NOT have Celiac disease, put me on a gluten-free diet and sent me on my way. Going gluten-free made me feel so much better - my brain fog almost completely went away, I'm not bloated or **shudder** gassy anymore, I'm not so nauseous, I can sleep better, joint/body aches and pains lessened, rash that I'd had all my life went away, etc. But I live in a VERY gluten-infested home (everyone else in my family eats lots of gluten and isn't careful to clean it up well at all), with constant CC threats in the entire kitchen. I have my own special section in the pantry with gluten-free foods, but don't have my own utensils, pots/pans, plates/bowls, etc.. Now, I'd been told by my doctor that I could have a small amount of gluten and not have any reaction to it. How small this amount was, I didn't know. But I went to a new church where everyone was taking communion. Since I didn't want to stick out and be different, I took a communion wafer - stupid, STUPID mistake!! I thought surely it wouldn't affect me since it was so small, right? Wrong. a couple of hours later, I came down with flu-like symptoms: full-body aches, nausea, upset stomach, coughing, brain fog, fatigue, etc. I felt AWFUL. I'd felt completely fine that morning, but in the afternoon, after having the gluten communion wafer, I basically had the flu. It seemed that my body was treating the gluten like the flu virus - and like the flu, it didn't go away for 4-5 days. And now, 6 weeks after that lovely fiasco, almost the same thing has happened. I've come down with the exact same flu-like symptoms hours after what must have been CC - I ate a protein bar that said it was gluten-free but "processed on equipment that also processes wheat". I'm not sure if it definitely had gluten in it, or if I got gluten in me from the gluten-infested kitchen. I'm still laid up in bed with little energy, little concentration, and all of the flu-like symptoms from before. What makes me wonder about Celiac is the fact that I was vitamin D deficient, all the crazy symptoms went away, and my reactions to eating gluten. Does this sound like Celiac or just a gluten sensitivity? any and all opinions are very much appreciated - and if this does sound like a gluten reaction, ideas on how to recover more quickly would be great as well! thanks