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  1. Age 17. ive been gluten-free for 5 years and i know what you mean by missing school and trying to tell your boyfriend or anyone for that matter that you cant eat this or that.. it really gets annoying after a while. you want people to understand but they dont.. i figured the best thing is to explain it like an allergy. and to be honest i told my boyfriend before i even started to date him that i was gluten free and he asked about it and it was hard to explain it to him because its like how do you explain so much to them in so little time. like to start with and that was hard, but i was glad i told him first that way i new later on that hes not leaving me for someone else because of celiac. and with missing school it happens at first and there is nothing you can do because you feel like crap or your throughing up or something. but the longer your on the gluten-free diet you realize that you dont really get sick anymore. in the past 3 and 1/2 to 4 years i havnt missed a day of school and thats because i totally live a gluten free diet and once my body got adjusted and is getting the nutrients now. my body is "back to normal" yes there will be changes but its life. and i hope this helped. but going to pray the best for you, if thats okay. i know that has helped me with so much!! Lisa <3