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  1. Thank you everyone. This was all very helpful!
  2. You're right... I should have. I was so discouraged that I just through the whole thing out!
  3. I tried to make an apple pie using white rice flour. Boy was I dissapointed. It was awful! Tasted like sand. I had the throw the whole thing out. Anyone have any good apple pie recipes - gluten free of course ! Thank you!!
  4. Thank you very much. I will try it.
  5. It was $14 TOTAL. Yes, I am finding the gluten free items are very expensive. Unfortunatly I do not have a Krogers or a Whole Foods. Just Walmart, Hannafords or Price Chopper. I have found the Annie's mac n cheese but find it tastes much more salt than the regular Kraft. Do you have a good recipe? Thank you for your input.
  6. Thank you. This was helpful. She basically has a small menu of items that she will eat... mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, turkey & cheese sandwiches, chex cereal. I found some gluten free chicken nuggets & fish sticks at a health food store. A small box of each...$14.00. Can't seem to find them in a grocery store.
  7. My daughter tested negative for celiac disease after her first blood test. Her symptoms all point to celiacs. I do not want to put her through a biopsy at this point (she is 4). She seems to be reacting favorably to her new diet. I guess I am in denial. It is so difficult to feed a picky 4 yr old who can eat anything. Now throw this into the equation and I just don't know what to feed her. I went to the grocery store and was so discouraged reading the labels. Everything contains wheat. There is a gluten free section, but I am finding that a lot of the items are snacks and not "real food". How many blood tests have you had before you tested positive? Also, if you are eliminating gluten from your diet, how could the test ever be positive?
  8. Help... we're thinking my 4 yr old may be gluten intolerant. It hasn't been confirmed yet. What are some things you cook for your kids that are gluten free?