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  1. Haha... It is kind of funny. I try and take it lightly with my friends and family. They are always serious about it yet at the same time make jokes here and there. I don't mind it at all as its not a sensitive issue with me. Although... it is because of this that the gluten free diet is not taken as seriously as it should be. Cross contamination is one of the bigger issues. I feel like they think we are all just a bunch of soccer mums who are cutting out gluten to be healthy and cool like everyone else. Here in Australia we have a restaurant called 'the pancake parlour' who recently came out with a gluten free menu... Oh I was so excited until they said they still cook them all on the same pans as everything else. With flour being chucked around left right and centre I cannot eat there. The Coeliac society here in Aus have contacted them but they refuse to cater for us. Seems they don't cater for allergies at all... They just cater for the fad diet which is DUMB. It's also because of people who jump onto the gluten free bandwagon without doing their own research. I think people think of a gluten free diet as cutting out all carbs. I watched a clip on youtube once of a talk show host roaming LA asking about their gluten free diets. Half of them said they cut our rice... potato and bread. I don't know how many times we have to explain we can eat rice and potatoes. A gluten free diet as such is NOT healthy. If you want to be healthy stick to a naturally gluten-free diet of fruit veggies and meat. Paying double the price for gluten free biscuits which are full of saturated fats and sugars will not make you cool and live longer(unless you have coeliac)! I don't think they realize that gluten is in just about EVERYTHING. Lollies, chocolate, ice cream, chips, every kind of sauce and canned food. I reckon they would be in for a shock.
  2. So I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in Oct 2012. I am 24 by the way. But I have started to notice in the past 6 months that my bowel movements are changing a fair bit. When I accidentally digest gluten I get diarrhoea at first, now I get diarrhoea and within 48hrs quickly turns to constipation and affects me for a few weeks. I also started suffering from constant nausea again and abdominal pains and then I lost about 5kg over the period of 2 weeks. I saw my GP who said my bloods came back fine etc and nothing is wrong. He made me feel like a bit of a hypochondriac. I ended up buying myself a nutribullet and I have been making a fruit and veg juice everyday for a snack and put 2kg back on. My headaches have disappeared as well as my nausea and for a while so did my abdominal pains. I felt the best I have ever felt. Over the past two weeks though I have noticed I have been getting awful abdominal pains again. This time I can feel them almost shoot through my abdomen just randomly throughout the day but it has been quite bearable. Yesterday I was eating my lunch, got up to wash my dishes and all of a sudden felt this intense ache/pain shoot through to my lower back and I instantly felt an intense wave of nausea which lead to vomiting within a few minutes. I was at work so they made me lie down for about an half hr. Then I was back to normal and ready to go. Past few days I have noticed my stools have been very dark and I remember seeing what I thought was possibly some blood.. Today I woke up to this dull ache below my belly button to the right. I can literally pinpoint it and it is becoming a little more uncomfortable. I have experienced this dull ache on and off before for the past maybe 3 months but it seems to be hanging around for longer and longer. I have had to unbuttom my pants are work. I have had an extremely strict diet and haven't 'felt' that I have eaten something wrong but the other night my mum pointed out that my hair is starting to fall out again(I lost a lot of hair before i was diagnosed and i have been doing so well growing it until now) You can now see 2 small almost bald patches close to my hairline and all my hairs are back to being so short that they stuck up. One side looks like my hair is receding. it is quite distressing and must mean I have been digesting gluten(I am assuming over a long period of time without realising) It is strange because I usually know straight away if I have eaten something bad as my stomach blows.. explosive diarrhoea etc but i have had none of it. I am just concerned. I dont want to go and burden my gp again with the usual gluten issue. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  3. Ok so i started by seeing my GP and having some more tests done. I have looked at the results myself but have not seen my GP as yet... everything seems to look ok except for my Thyroid.. It seems to have dropped from an average of 1.8 down to 0.7 normal range being 0.5 - 5.0 within a few months. Do you think this could have anything to do with my energy levels? My family and i have decided to start strict paleo again starting next week. Ive been home by myself for the past two weeks and have been worse than ever. I have had absolutely no energy to get up.. i havent been making my breakfast or my lunch(i work at a hospital so they are very stricts with what they advertise as gluten-free which is good) so i have been buying it(its usually a curry or salad) and for breakfast ive been eating a piece of gluten free bread. All the fresh food in my fridge is starting to go off and i feel awful as my dear mum made sure it was stocked so i could eat well but i havent had any energy to make any salads or veges.. or cook any meats or buy anything. Then for dinner i usually have a few crackers, piece of fruit or gluten-free bread so i can go straight to bed. The house is starting to become a complete mess and im not coping by myself. Yesterday I managed to fry up a steak which i could only eat half of. Im hoping when im on this no grain diet i can get some of my energy back. My doctor has also suggested that i cut my hours back and try and exercise more. Im currently booked in for pt training at 7am every Monday which for the past month i have had to keep cancelling, but i dont think i can cut back on my work as they really need me full time.
  4. Did You Have Hair Loss From Celiac?

    Yep. I lost a lot of my hair. It had been thinning for about 18 months and it wasnt until i realised i hadnt had it cut in a year (trying to 'grow it' ) and it was half the length and thickness. I have been gluten free since october last year when i was diagnosed and its starting to get its thickness back but very slowly My brand new hairdresser before she even knew about my coeliac told me she could see fresh hair growing. I was so relieved. Dont worry once everything is under control it should grow back
  5. What are your thoughts on starting on the paleo diet in helping Coeliac disease. I started on the paleo diet about end of October last year just after being diagnosed and avoided ANY take away what so ever and i actually started to feel really good. I read a book about paleo and its effects and it mentioned how great it was for people with coeliac to stay away from grains. I was on it properly up until christmas only eating omlettes for breakfast, salads or meat and veges for lunch and meat and veges for dinner. I found it so easy to follow solely because i was that depressed i barely thought about food or eating junk plus i had the support of my family(my mum was the one who suggested it) Now all my dad does is cook, its fantastic. Unfortunately I then had indian take away one night a few nights after christmas(they assured me it was gluten-free) and i went home to experience one of the worst nights. I am assuming i have become more sensitive the more i dont eat it. I was vomitting for about an hr and pretty much curled up on my bed unable to lie flat and rocked myself to sleep. It was almost excrusciating. Ever since that night i have not been the same. I have been EXTREMELY fatigued. I went and saw a dietitian probably about 3 months too late. Complete waste of money. Cost me $100 and It seemed like i knew more than she did about coeliac disease and when i told her how i was feeling a lot better on paleo... She told me not to follow it. The only Excuse she could reply to that with was....'i dont think the paleo is very good for you as years and years ago on the caveman diet.. they only lived till they were 30-40 max' AND THATS IT... I was like are you kidding me... can you back that up with some more evidence?! You think all these introduced processed sugars, preservatives and chemicals is what is keeping us alive until we are 80. Im pretty sure that is modern medicine. It was disease that killed those people so many years ago, not fresh veges and meat. I know dietitians believe in grains but when i eat them they dont seem to make me any better. I told her that too.. but she didnt seem to listen to how i was feeling. I have been trying to start back on the paleo but its been so hard as i have started to overcome my depression and found myself a little bit happier.. So when i have the energy usually on a weekend i will make my favourite shelf fresh rice noodles.. I can't seem to stop eating them, unfortunately my FAVOURITE rice noodles are half wheat flour/half rice flour but these ones are almost as good. But besides that has anyone else here seen a dietitian before and what was your experience? Anyone completely given up grains while trying to heal?
  6. Thanks for the welcome Its nice to know i can come somewhere that people will understand. Not even my Gp seems the understand. He tells me i will get the ocasional bloating and thats about it. When i try and tell him my symptoms he doesnt even seem to acknowledge them.. night sweats... aching joint.. depression.. and in the past month it seems to have calmed down but i used to get real odd experiences. My vision would go a little funny and it felt like i was dizzy or something. I would even get it when lying in bed, so im assuming it was all part of it. He made sure he tested my thyroid and it all came back normal. I have had one particular poisoning(gluten) and that was just a few days after christmas. Most horrific night i have experienced so far. I guess the more i go without gluten, the more sensitive i get so at the moment im very careful with my labels and my parents have decided to go gluten free as well except for the occasional toast in the morning here and there. I went through the pantry with my mum and got rid of every sauce we had containing gluten and replaced them with gluten-free options. Pretty much everything i eat is prepared at home or bought from the supermarker labelled gluten free. I very rarely have take away or go out for dinner anymore I was meaning to post in this forum many months ago as obviously when first being diagnosed it is so hard. I actually ended up losing my job in September last year while i was in the process of being diagnosed due to not working effectively. I was just never switched on, i couldnt concentrate at all... I was already feeling pretty depressed and unhappy but this just made me spiral more. I would get angry at minor things including my mum for getting the wrong type of mushrooms who of anyone has been the most supportive and amazing person i knew it was wrong and it broke my heart. I didnt know where this anger came from. I ended up finding a new job 2 months later but it was SO hard adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. The stress caused me to break down multiple times usually at midnight when everyone was asleep. I think i scared the hell out of my parents. It ended up landing me in emergency due to heart palpitations.. which i figured was just stress. A new job plus getting up to prepare my foods every day and travelling an hour to get to and from work and it just made things worse, but i am so glad i now know i am on the road to recovery and hopefully i wont even know myself soon. Like so many people tell me. Turns out this new job was a blessing but i just cant handle all the fatigue. I think i just really need to pull up my socks and try be a bit more positive. I tell you what though.. coeliac disease certainly aint a walk in the park as i am experiencing... like some people seem to think. So glad to know i can come to a place where im not the only one.
  7. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease officially in October last year. I have always gotten really tired but thought it would ease up shortly after going on a Gluten free diet. My initial blood test showed my ferratin levels were only a 3 and my haemaglobin had dropped quite considerably. My gastro sent me off for an iron infusion which sent it up to 900. Since it has been dropping extremely quick but i am assuming that is quite normal as it got so high. My bloods are still normal(since end of dec) except i noticed my platelets have been dropping a fair amount each month. Im due for another blood test this month. Basically i am really struggling to cope. I STILL get night sweats and i wake up every morning feeling awful and sometimes achy. I start to feel a little better as i get myself moving BUT once 10am hits at work, its like i hit a brick wall. I find it really hard to get up in the morning and organise my breakfast and lunch(which is quite necessary as you probably know) I finish work at 5, get home at 6:30 and im in bed by 7.30 - 8.30 at the latest then sleep straight through to 6:30. If i had time i would be napping all afternoon. It is starting to effect my ability to work and my social life. I cannot do anything after work unless i really push myself. I saw my GP in Jan and he said its fairly normal and to keep all my multivitamins up(even though my levels are fine) Is it still considered normal to be this tired almost 5 months of being on a gluten free diet? I just dont understand what is causing it.