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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Crohns disease can absolutely affect your small intestine. It is most commonly seen in the large intestine (30-50%) of cases but you can have crohns anywhere from your mouth to your anus. I have crohns in my colon and just had some biopsies for coeliac as well. I am also scheduled for a pill cam in a month or so. Many people with crohns disease find a change in diet helps their symptoms - even though Drs will swear black and blue that it won't help. Don't be too freaked out with Crohns, there are lots of medications that can help! If you think you react to gluten then stop eating it and see if it helps Hope that helps.
  2. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease last year after colonoscopy with biopsies. I only have a mild case and the medication does help, but I still have alot of other symptoms and I am convinced that changing my diet is the answer. I can't handle whole grains, corn, popcorn, too much milk, caffeine and a variety of other foods. I still get daily nausea and stomach pain. I know alot of other people who suffer from Crohns disease have very restricted diets but it is mostly trial and error to avoid things that set them off, not just a simple Dr recommended diet. Incidently, I have just had an endoscopy to test for concurrent coeliacs but I haven't got the biopsy results back yet. I also plan to visit a dietitian who specialises in IBD/coeliac type diseases so hopefully I will get some results.
  3. Hi there, I am new to this forum and just wanting to ask a few questions I have had long term tummy troubles since getting a bad gastroenteritis as a teenager (now 23y) - intermittent diarrhoea/loose stools, chronic nausea usually after eating, epigastric and pelvic pain, fatigue, gas and 2 episodes of iron def. anaemia. I have been tested for gliaden, antiendomysial antibodies and tissue transglutaminase and all came back neg. I have also had 3 positive faecal occult blood tests, raised faecal calprotectin and raised CRP. I had a colonoscopy last year with biopsies and Dr said it was mild Crohns disease. Since moving to a new job I have a new specialist and he isn't convinced it is Crohns after all. I have recently had another colonoscopy and gastroscopy - the Dr said everything looked normal but the biopsy results still have to come back. So... my questions are can you have negative blood work but still have coeliacs disease? Where do others with diagnosed coeliacs get pain? All through abdomen or specific places? Im starting to get a bit fed up with all this! Thanks for any help