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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. New At This

    Forgot to add my IMM was 142 out 81-463.
  2. New At This

    Well, test is back. Can't believe she only did one. tTA AB, IGA <1...<4 negative So, according to this i show negative. So, Ill never really know tests, cause I won't go back on gluten for a new one. I kind of decided to put it to the test. If non celiacs are intolerant and it is basically an allergic reaction, then it should work the same way. I ate a bite of a beer brat. Within 10 min I was having all the same reactions. I decided to take an allergy pill in hopes it may help. Lo and behold, it stopped some if the more severe parts of the reaction. It didn't go away, but it helped. So, its nice to know there is help, even if not a complete resolution. If anything, it confirms the NCGI.
  3. Confused

    Ty all. Learning a lot here. With all of the info, I can be sure to grill her like a fish on the Bar B. Will be nice to go in prepared no matter the blood results. Appreciate all the input.
  4. Confused

    Ty. Any suggestions mean a great deal and go a long way.
  5. Confused

    Ty for the reply. Very helpful. The doc just gave me pics of the endo. She said the biopsy showed nothing unusual, except severe inflammation. So she had no definite answer to what was causing it. The medication I looked up on the website. The more popular name for it is Rifaximin. It treats diarrhea and liver. As for the ex, he lives with me, so yeah, he cooks things for himself and leaves crumbs and garbage everywhere. I bought gloves to clean up so that I don't get dry skin from washing so often. Like last night. He orders pizza and gets it all over the cabinet. Gets the grease on my cig lighters, and on the coffee table and arm of the sofa. No escape. I'll see what I can do about a copy of the biopsy report, but hard to do in this town. The docs are all just full of themselves and typically rude.
  6. Confused

    Ok, Im not officially dx yet. Waiting on my blood work. But, I've had some time to mull the situation over after reading and educating myself here. Now, I've got some questions about a few things that have been nagging at me. I was hoping someone may be able to give me some ideas to shed some light on things. So, I had my upper gi endo before the blood test. The GI doc says bad inflammation. Puts me on the gluten/lactose free diet. Says she doesn't know what's causing it and also adds the antibiotic for travelers diarrhea/toxic gut bacteria and orders the test for celiacs. First, if the biopsy didn't show bad villi, why consider it celiacs and exclude dairy? Second, why put me on the antibiotic? I didn't have diarrhea. And, unless the biopsy was conclusive, why consider that my liver wasn't processing toxins properly? Not to mention, unless she is doing a check to see if I have the gene, why put me on the diet before I get the blood work? Now, I just wanna vent. If I may? My ex and son don't take it seriously, so Im sure CC is a daily thing for me, since they live with me. It's a struggle. And, Im so overwhelmed. I can't afford to go and buy all new dishes and throw all of my HH items away. Christmas is coming, yay, but the only family I have left, besides my kids, is my mom. None of which can help me. I feel defeated, except that I feel so much better than I did by not ingesting gluten straight up. Since the last time I did that my reaction time was 15 min, I will not be doing it again. It was the most painful experience ever. Sorry for the vent, I just wonder where it will all go after the dx. It explains so much and next will come all of the after dx testing. Can't say Im looking forward to more. Thank you for this site. It is a tremendous help.
  7. Very Sensitive, Intolerance?

    Sorry to hear. But, I know where you're coming from. Im still waiting on my blood results and my biopsy showed nothing, but severe inflammation. I've been on the diet just over 2 weeks now and I feel tons better. Although, on the 11th day I decided to add a slice of bread with my lunch to see what would happen. Within 15 min I had symptoms. Within 16 hours, I woke from a dead sleep with the worst headache of my entire life. At this point, I don't care what the test says, I'll never touch the stuff again. Just really make sure you can trust what you're about to eat. I hope you feel better soon. I wish I could offer more in the way of helpful advice, but being so new at this Im still learning. Good Luck!
  8. New At This

    Doc actually wanted the test same day, but due to a prob with my insurance i had to wait. The day before i took it, i asked about the possibility of there being a bad result, but she said there shouldn't really be a prob. ? Idk why she prescribed the Antis. We never got a straight answer about that. All she said was she could find no cause for all of the inflammation, put me on the diet, pills and ordered the test. When i looked up the uses of it, it is generally used for ppl with travelers diarhea (i don't have), or bacterial toxin build up in the gut when the liver is not functioning properly. Anybody's guess.
  9. New At This

    Tyvm. Ill check out Newbie corner. So much to learn. Ill check back in when i get my test back.
  10. New At This

    Ty. I will. Just a waiting game now. I can understand why this is so important. That was the most awful feeling ever. Although, Im curious to know why it just showed up out of the blue so late in life. No one else in my family has ever had this problem.
  11. New At This

    Well, I took my blood test yesterday. Nurse said it's for a full panel, whatever that means exactly. Apparently, its a super expensive test. In the interim, I decided to do a gluten challenge, just to see what would happen. I ate a slice of bread with lunch yesterday...I will NEVER do that again. After 30 min my breathing was off, my nose was running and I was shaky. By 3 hours I was belching, stuffy, felt like i had a fever,even tho i didn't, and I could feel a headache comin on. By bedtime i had a good head ache, but nothin i couldn't live with. Well, I wake up at 3 am out of a dead sleep with the worst head ache I have had in my life. I thought my head would split in half and explode. Im a lil better now, but i feel spent and used up. Next time i eat bread, it will be at gunpoint.
  12. New At This

    I was a healthy eater before, but im always on the go. It would be impossible for me to cook all day. I generally only cook dinner. I need things that are quick and portable. I can't do fresh veggies, the gastro doc told me not to at this point. I've been left with fish and chicken, cereal, almond milk, bakery on main granola, gluten free chips and rudis bread, grapes, etc. I steam all my rice n veggies and i look at labels for chicken broth and worchestershire and seasonings. I can't eat just plain food. I don't like almonds or peanuts and can't afford walnuts, brazil or pistachios. Not enough for the amount you pay. This kind of thing is hard when you're poor. When the only reason you ate a lot of fluent was because it was cheap.
  13. New At This

    I wouldn't know about CC. My hubby and son rely on me to fix meals and wont eat gluten free. I haven't had money to buy my own new dishes and they lay food on mine in the fridge. Not sure about all of my bathroom stuff, i have no idea what half the ingredients mean on the labels. I bought a lot of food items from a specialty aisle in Kroger. I live in a small town and sort of know someone who has Celiacs and he recommended it. But, like I said, the guys don't clean and they will never change their habits.
  14. New At This

    I forgot to mention, Im 41, so it's late onset. And my sinuses have never been so clear. No diarhea or constipation. Just gut pain, like a brick, bloating, belching and gas. Almost all gone.
  15. Hi everyone! First, I am so glad I found this site. Sorry if this is a long post, but feel a little overwhelmed. Im a lil overweight and have put on 30 pounds in the past 4 months. This all started 2 year ago. It was as if someone flipped a switch and stole all of my energy. I had stomach aches, head aches, fungal infections and lots of UTI's. The doctors did blood work, gave me meds and it kept comin back. They gave me B12 inj since it was a lil low. No good. I finally switched docs cause this one thought I was nuts. New doc finally sent me to a urologist in June. By July I was schedule for a Kidney lithotripsy due to phosphate stones and a cyst on my right kidney. He didn't get all the stones. Then he sent me to a Gyno that same week for incontinence and ovarian cysts. I had a total hysterectomy, ovary removal and bladder reposition end of July. I felt so bad after both surgeries and had terrible stomach and head aches. My liver enzymes have been high, but they attribute it to the surgeries. My gyno finally sent me to a gastro doc. Since seeing her, i had an Upper Gi endo in Sept. My small intestine is really inflamed and my stomach is inflamed too. Biopsy showed nothing. She told me to go gluten and lactose free and take an antibiotic called xifaxan. She scheduled a blood test, but I've been on the diet for 10 days already. I take the blood test tomorrow. I have to say, for the ten days I've been gluten free, my stomach pain has stopped, my belching has almost disappeared and my energy has almost returned to normal. I feel like a fog has lifted. My only complaints...I still get headaches, prolly from the meds and when i eat meats, like pork or mess up on gluten i get massive headaches and a stomach ache and belching. I really need to know what the labels say. I have no idea what half the stuff on them mean. If it doesn't say wheat etc, im lost. And, why would pork bother me like gluten? Pork ribs and bacon? Its strange. Nice to meet you all and I hope to learn a lot.