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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I see a few people have mentioned switching up your probiotics often.. what is the benefit to doing that? I was not aware of that so now I'm thinking I should be switching mine up.. but what is the reasoning behind it? thanks!
  2. Now Jade Riviera Maya Mexico

    So I am back from my trip and I have great news! They were absolutely AMAZING at that resort. They honestly treated me like a princess at every restaurant there, the buffet (which I only went there for egg white omelettes and bacon anyways) and room service. My only advice is to make sure when you order anything the specify that you HAVE to eat gluten free or you will be very sick to your waiter - the managers were excellent and I met the food director as well (he actually found us in a restaurant one of the first nights!). The reason I say to specify is because there were some instances when I ordered what was labeled as "gluten free" and when the waiter double checked to make sure it was ok, he would come back and tell me, No actually it does contain gluten and they would make me something else. So just be careful of that!! I went the entire time without getting sick AT ALL - I actually miss that place! Make it known when you get there that you MUST eat gluten free and they will label your room number with that special request - also normally you are not allowed to make reservations at the restaurants but we were because that way they would be prepared when we showed up of my needs. They also did let me know that they offer gluten free pasta, pancakes, breads, etc... I didn't try any of those, I basically just stuck to my usual eating habits anyways (eggs, meat, vegetables...) The guacamole was awesome and they would toast me corn tortillas to have with it instead of the fried tortilla chips they usually serve. Alot of their sauces contains flour so just be aware of that if you eat at the buffet - which I generally stayed away from except for breakfast. But don't worry - the food was SOOOO flavorful I couldn't believe some of the dishes were gluten free - and if they came back from checking with the chef about my order and I couldn't have what I ordered they would make me "something very special" which was nice. Just be patient, be nice to the staff because they really do try to make your experience a great one and I am sure you will love your vacation. The language barrier is a little hard so if your waiter doesn't seem to understand your questions just have him get the manager or ask the chef. Enjoy your vacation! (I wish I could go back asap!!!)
  3. Now Jade Riviera Maya Mexico

    Actually GOOD NEWS! I just saw on their website for both our resorts "All restaurants include gluten-free menu options. Please notify your server prior to ordering." We will be ok!
  4. Now Jade Riviera Maya Mexico

    Oh wow! I will let you know how it goes. I would love to see any links so I can find out some info. We booked our vacation in October which was really far in advance and thats when I found out I had celiac disease and I never thought about my vacation - until now that its SO close!!
  5. hmm this is interesting... I dont crave dairy but I usually crave red meat and salt (like.. salt so bad I wish they made hard candies of pure salt!!) Maybe I could try to lay off the red meat during that time, I get so fatigued I always feel like it will help me if I eat the red meat (but its probably just all in my head).. that would also explain why I feel sick in the evening and not after breakfast when I don't even have meat. I usually take pamprin for my symptoms and its gluten free. But that was a good thought, thats the only thing I take. Thanks for the ideas
  6. Hi - I am going to Mexico in a few weeks for an all inclusive vacation.. a bit nervous about how I will be - with the food and all. Has anyone had experience with this resort in Mexico? Or this resort (Now Jade) anywhere else? I have NO tolerance for gluten - the tiniest bit can make me very sick and all the food will be inclusive, the travel agent said it should be fine and just to let them know.. but I am nervous!! (and yes, excited too!!) Thanks!
  7. Hi - I read this post when it was first put out there but could not relate at the time because I felt great. BUT my period last month I felt sicker than usual (I do normally feel a bit of nausea the first few days while I am cramping but then it goes away..).. then this past 8-9 days (a few days leading up to my current period and then the full week so far) I have felt off and on strong nausea and stomach pains in my upper abdomen (not lower where I usually have cramps), a lot of bloating and then I do tend to go to the bathroom after these tummy aches.. Today my period is almost gone, I felt good all day but just now after dinner (steak and veggies) I felt very sick.. I'm writing this on my couch using my heating pad for comfort on my upper back (which is usually my go to when I get the horrible glutened symptoms) ANYWAYS to get to my point.. I am starting to get nervous.. I thought I had my diet under control and have felt great up until this past week or so with the off and on sickness. My stomach gets upset after meals - not every meal but usually in the evening.. I am going on vacation in 2 weeks and now i'm terrified i'll be sick the whole time. Were there more people out there that ever have "glutened symptoms" during their period? Not just intensified period symptoms? Because this feels nothing like my period to me, it feels like I ate a loaf of bread! Thanks for any input anyone has!!
  8. Yes you do have to be extremely careful. In my case my entire family eats anything and I have to be the careful one which is overwhelming for me since I am the mother who makes everthing for everyone else! I am constantly washing my hands, cleaning utensils, running out of clean dish towels etc... I have never ran my dishwasher so much in my life! I would recommend making simple meals for now while you're all adjusting especially her instead of buying up all the gluten free versions of breads, crackers, cookies... for an 8 year old she may want all that stuff but it can be costly. I make a lot of dinners with sides of potatoes or rice so that it satisfys everyone and I don't have to be as careful while preparing the dinner since its all gluten free. Best of luck to you!
  9. Ugh.. Celebrities!

    Yea I agree with that about bringing us more gluten free options. It usually doesn't bother me too much because I just think of the good side there.. but I was literally watching the interview while in the bathroom (sick as a dog!!) - I have a TV in there, which I must say is great for me since I find myself spending a lot of time in there!!
  10. After being sick all night, throwing up and continuing to be sick into the next day.. the first thing I saw on TV in the morning was an interview with Snooki about how she lost weight after having her baby.. her response among other things was she is careful with her diet, no carbs, dairy and she is "trying" to be gluten free... wow.. for some reason that comment really upset me.. after a night of misery from some kind of gluten cross contamination that comment completely trializes the medical need that people have to stear clear of gluten. I wish I had the luxury of avoiding it to drop a few lbs like celebrities! (sorry for the rant.. but just had to vent!)
  11. Do any of the Werther’s Original products contain wheat based ingredients or gluten? All Werther’s Original products are suitable for a gluten-free diet. They do include glucose syrup, which may be derived from a wheat source. The Coeliac society states that glucose syrup sourced from wheat is suitable for the inclusion in a gluten-free diet. I was trying to look up Werther's caramel hard candies to see if they are gluten free and this was the response on the web site... which left me confused, so does this mean they are ok?? Thanks!
  12. Wow this was really helpful.. I always thought it was strange that it didn't hit me right away.. now I feel much better!! Thanks everyone for your responses!
  13. I have always noticed that I usually don't feel sick for an hour or sometimes hours after I have eaten something that contained gluten.. I have been reading a lot of posts and it seems like a lot of people feel the effects almost immediately.. For example if I eat dinner.. I may feel fine the rest of the night and think I have successfully avoided gluten, but then I find myself awake at 1am covered in sweat and rolling around in bed with horrible stomach pains.. Is there a reason that it doesn't hit me right away? There are times when I start feeling sick within an hour and then I know i'll be stuck on the couch the rest of the night but more often it hits me later.. i'm just curious
  14. well i put chicken on to be safe but now that i have all the ingredients AND peace of mind im going to make more soon reading all the ingredients is so confusing sometimes! thanks for your help! my pizza was loaded with peppers onions mushrooms and cheese plus a little chicken so i was happy :-) and the best part was my husband LOVED the pizza and ate so much he was so stuffed... i used gluten free bisquick for dough