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  1. Thanks for the speedy answers, still looking for feedback by others. Rosetapper, how did you come to find out what exactly your deficiencies were??
  2. Hey world, Was wondering if anyone had experienced severe/ widespread tendonitis as a result of gluten intolerance. I am not a confirmed Celiac yet (havent gotten tested yet), but after hours and hours of researching, the symptoms seem to line-up. I am an active 21-year old male (rock climbing, biking, boarding), and recently started developing tendonitis in just about all the major joints (knees, elbows, shoulders, hips). Its been a rough 7-8 months since I got back into being active. I'm starting to think this is related to nutrient deficiency caused by gluten intolerance. Wondering if anyone else had experienced or heard of widespread tendonitis in coincidence with Celiac disease/ gluten intolerance? Thanks!
  3. hey guys, happy i found this forum.. I'm a 4th year college student and although i feel i've been having symptoms of gluten intolerance for a while.. it wasnt until just recently that i really started to research in (due to my following question). Do any other celiac's out there suffer from severe/widespread tendonitis? I know that it can cause nutrient deficiency and I am/ was a very active person (rock climbing, biking, boarding) and seem to develop tendonitis after about every activity i embark on.