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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone In Ohio

    Lauren, I am in Columbus, OH - Gahanna area. What part of Columbus do you live in? Liz
  2. I like this one too! I also like Quaker Rice Puffs...they are very hearty tasting. I have not found a good hot cereal that I really like...any ideas?
  3. Mongolian Bbq

    I am not so sure about this dish...I just ate there last night and was told it was the only dish on their menu I could eat. So I had that along with the house salad. At the time, I couldn't even finish the dish...it just didn't taste right although I couldn't put my finger on why...of couse I wanted to trust the folks at Cameron Mitchell of all places. Then I woke up at 2:30 with my classic symptoms...stomach cramping, diarrhea and this time even vomiting. I emailed them this morning for more info/clarification. Ironically, the last time I ate here I ate a dish that was also gluten-free and found a lone macaroni noodle sitting at the bottom of the dish when I was finished. I found it funny at the time, thankful of course that I hadn't eaten it. Other than Ocean Club, I had a wonderful experience at Mitchell's Steakhouse a couple months ago....they were very accomidating and most of their menu items are already gluten free. The chef even made me a special batch of fresh potato chips to munch on instead of bread. So that was a good experience! Liz
  4. Eating Out Tonight

    I understand your frustration. I have been gluten-free for about 6 months now and go through periods of "depression" now and again. Since I have been symptom free for so long now, I keep thinking I am fine and should just go back to eating whatever I want. Just trying to keep up with my diet restrictions is exhausting! I am now starting to feel like I am eating the same foods over and over again. I guess I need to take a gluten-free cooking class! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Outback. The last time I went was in August and the staff was very nice. I really appreciated thier gluten-free menu, it took the guesswork out of the meal so I could just relax. The food was good too! Keep smiling and eat lots of gluten-free chocolate and ice cream....
  5. Wendys

    Does anyone know if their junior hamburgers are gluten-free? I have a copy of their gluten-free menu and it says 2 and 4 oz hamburgers are ok. I wasn't sure if the junior hamburger falls into one of these categories. I feel sick and am trying to figure out what did it. The only thing I can figure is the hamburger patty or the baked potato with sour cream and butter, but that should be ok. Either that or cross contamination. Never been sick from cross contamination, so I am having a hard time believing that, but I think I get more sensitive all the time.... Any thoughts?
  6. Chipotle

    I have read that too.
  7. Friendly's

    I live in Columbus, OH also...where is this Applebees???
  8. Do You Ever Have Weird Dreams

    How funny! I guess it is just our subconscience reacting to how careful we have to be in real life. I suppose it figures if we can't really eat "the good stuff", it sure isn't going to miss out!
  9. Thanks everyone. Sometimes I feel like I am just losing it. It helps so much to talk to others out there!
  10. My experience has been a little different...a couple years ago after the birth of my 1st son, I started getting increasingly sick whenever I ate pasta. At first I wasn't sure what was causing my symptoms, but eventually I was able to determine it was the pasta noodles. So I stopped eating pasta altogether around 18 months ago after a severe episode when I was pregnant with my 2nd son. It was embarassing telling people "I'm allergic to pasta...I think it's the semolina" Then, when my 2nd son was around 6 months old, I noticed symptoms starting whenever I ate various wheat products, especially pizza. So I tried eliminating wheat. I wasn't very careful about reading labels at this point. I went on this way for several months until I gradually started noticing new symptoms with oats, as well as increasing sensitivity with modified food starch. That is when I started suspecting I might be a Celiac. I still wasn't totally gluten-free, although I was close. I still ate products containing barley. Then, not even a month ago, I got very sick from eating HALF a Nestle Crunch bar (contains barley malt extract). After that point, I decided to go totally gluten-free. I have had no problems since then. I am very careful about everything I eat, and have become an expert label reader. My concern is that I know I have eliminated all possibility that I might be diagnosed by a doctor. I cannot go back to eating gluten now, my sensitivity keeps increasing. Even though I can see that the diet change has obviously fixed my symptoms, I feel like I want some kind of confirmation. Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac and wonder if it's all in my head...especially now that I am symptom-free! It's been such a long road figuring out what is going on with my body and now I realize I am faced with this life-long diet restriction. I suppose I should just trust my body and not worry about getting that final confirmation. Are there any other self-diagnosed Celiacs out there? Any women whose symptoms seemed to come with pregnancy/childbirth? Lonely Liz
  11. Do You Ever Have Weird Dreams

    Yes, I have this dream all the time! It is a horrible nightmare... odd and scary.
  12. Ha ha, this is great. What are those lemon flavored cookies that come in the black rectangular box? Yum....they taste like lemon Rolaids. Oh well, at least I have my Breyers Ice Cream....