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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys, so i went back on gluten yesterday, had some cereal+yogurt, and bread+PB, had a light headache after eating them...today i woke up a little better, then had cereal+yogurt for breakfast, and a little later 1/2 bread with PB, and the headache started again, i still have it, already took meds... No digestive/intestinal problems...just some nausea b/c of the headache and my belly is making some noises... going to the med tomorrow and gonna tell him i think it is the gluten, and to check my intestine too(ultrasound i dont know) for the left ab feeling i had...could be a diverticulitis caused by gluten i read on the forum... bye
  2. Well, im feeling OK today, no gluten yet, my mom bought some chicken that has gluten on it, so ill see. That feeling that something is on my left ab is still there but less...the only weird thing is that i dont feel like im detoxing anymore(weakness,starvation, a lil shakiness)like i did the first time i tried gluten free(im eating some peanuts all day long),i have a food n symptoms journal but cant see anything else diferent(just no gluten),so lets see if was the gluten later, i hope i dont need to go to the ER, lol. cya
  3. Okay, gonna stick with it, gonna eat a little cereal by the morning tomorrow, im craving for it...damn thanks
  4. it doesnt have to be a lot, right? cause if it is the gluten im probably going to feel something, even tough i started it yesterday
  5. About two months ago(August)i started having some really harsh digestive problems, i kinda had it already(loose stools sometimes)but it was normal for me, because i used to eat a lot of cookies with chocolate and so on. I started working out this year and as a result i started eating more, so i could gain weight(really skinny, 50kilos 6foot tall), this included eating more bread,oatmeal,granola and other stuff that have gluten, but never really paid attention. Then on August, i started a new bulking diet, it basically consisted with only gluten, i would drink milk with oats and some chocolate flavor(also has gluten)for breakfast, morning snack was a banana, afternoon "snack"(post-workout) was: 500ml milk, 50g oats,50g oats chocolate, 2 slices of bread with cheese, and sometimes banana with granolas. A few days passed, and on a weekend, i ate my snack, and took a shower, on the shower i was already feeling weird(bloated,feeling like i was gonna have a diarrhea,gas) and then 10min later i had a really brutal diarrhea, it gave me shakiness,nausea(feeling like i would vomit), a hour later it passed. After this day, i've been experiencing lots of symptoms,then i decided to cut the oats, still had the loose stool,stopped eating dairy,then i got constipated,still eating gluten(granola,breads and oats), i had too a feeling of incomplete evacuation,some cramps. I also had conjunctivitis for two days. Started a trial gluten-free diet, but i only stuck with it for 4 days,i got so hungry and felt so weak because of the hunger, still had the feeling of something on my abs, and sometimes there wasnt snacks so i had to get back on eating bread and cereals. My stools got better, but kinda oily(peanuts and butter). Which we get to last week till today. Last week, on wednesday, i went to the bathroom and pooped, one was normal, the rest, kinda loose, and it took out the feeling of having something trapped. The same day i took a parasite medicine, and it gave me a migraine(i guess it was, its one of its side effects), the other day i still had the headache for the entire day, and on saturday i got diarrhea and some real bad cramps, my parents almost took me to the hospital. I kinda got better the days after the diarrhea, but it came back. I feel there is something in my left ab area, like a string i guess...when i go to the bathroom i kinda get a "sharp/cutting" pain before i have my BM's, it ain't that bad but still is something. I feel kinda nauseous before going to eat. Yesterday, i decided to go gluten-free again. Altough i ate bread and cereals in the morning, i started the change by afternoon. Had bananas with yogurt, then when was getting close to dinner, i was SO HUNGRY, i haven't felt like this for weeks. But i had to take an anti-acid cause i was feeling nauseous(i had SO MUCH hunger,i guess it made me feel nauseous). Today im kinda feeling better, had bananas with yogurt for breakfast and for noon snack(40minutes ago) and for lunch,red meat,brown rice,beans and some salad. Had some peanuts before lunch cause i didnt wanted to get that STARVING feeling again, and it kinda helped, but now im farting like hell. I'm kinda constipated yet(1 normal stool with some pellets). But my question is, should i stick with the diet to see some improvement? im going to the doc on Monday and i will ask him about gluten and Celiac. But i don't know if i should eat gluten in case he asks for a test... sorry for the long text.