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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hopefully theyve already been done if not ill defo be asking for them. I also have to eat foods i dislike, but to my surprise they are growing on me with each time i eat them. I suspect c.d or g.i because of my dark druggie like eyes primarily, like really dark almost black eyes,but also ive got rashes, terrible face skin, pain few mins befor needing number 2, mucus in poo & probs many other things i would never think are gluten related. Im getting tested for allergys aswell but im going gluten free after celiac testing because i need my eyes to recover somewhat asap as their really preventing me from doing what i want in life. i cant risk food intolerence being the issue as i know recovery will be atleast a year after i eliminate the cause. food intolerences are just one of many things im investigating but hopefully its not the cause, i really dont want to give up any foods. Should i ask for any other tests to be done? to check anyting else, ive not been to the docs in almost 10 years. Im really worried i might have something wrong with me that ill only find out about when its too late. any suggestions? Thanks alot for all your help!
  2. yer will post results when i get them. What is the cbc & cmp? Gottaski do you struggle to get allthe nutrients you need with all the foods your free from? You eat alot of things you dont like taste of? Im dreading eliminating various foods one by one i can just about maintain healthy diet as is.
  3. I have been on gluten heavily you could say, bread, weetabix pasta all the time bread daily. The doc mentioned it would test liver function & nurse said it tests for all sorts of things but didnt think to ask what for some odd reason. Doc said it was the ttg test. I havent got much of the symptoms of celiec but i want to be sure i havnt before i try gluten free. Had a look for article i mentioned but no luck, im fairly sure it was on this website though. there was green everywhere like background color, menu bars etc. So when i get results back ill push for gene test & biopsy, what other blood test should i ask for? Full panel? Appreciate your time peeps
  4. Hi, just got a blood sample taken & waiting for the results. I understand from here that the test is innacurate, which would surely mean its a pointless test? but can you get false positive as well as false negative for ttg? also, read a article written by a so called expert that if the ttg is low, but igg is high, then this means that your g.i. but i thought you couldnt test for intolerence? what would be my next step of testing when results come back? Im in uk so nhs doctors, who seem to not be very willing to help me probably because of budget cuts. do i need to insist on more tests regardless of what they say? Thanks alot
  5. Hi again, Hoping someone could link me to complete list of celiac/g.i symptoms on this site or another if there is one. Not being lazy but can only find bits and pieces scattered around. Thanks
  6. Thats great im completely clear on this now, im gonna get tested for celiac and other allergies then try gluten free, hopefully im celiac so i can get rid of the druggie eyes lol. Cheers a bunch
  7. Hi, Ive had a look around but couldnt find anything so i was hoping someone could answer these questions. Celiac desease & gluten intolerance are the same thing yes? Can c.d or g.i sunddenly develope or are you born with it? Can you be intolerant but not have any gut problems or symptoms? Ive started thinking about g.i because its been mentioned a few times regarding dark eyes(dark circles). Obv im willing to do anything it takes but unsure whether gluten has a part to play because of no symptoms. Appreciate you takin the time Thanks John